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Jessica Jones Season 3 Finale Leaves Hope For New Life At Disney+

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Marvel’s giddy experiment on Netflix Jessica Jones breathed its last on 14th June, following a sudden, streaming-war ignited cancellation. On a lighter note; however, Netflix’s Marvel-verse treated the Jessica Jones Season 3 finale with well-deserved dignity. Hence, allowing for it to fade away, only after fulfilling its feminist ambitions. Although Jessica Jones had a solid conclusion, its narrative could not logically escape a sense of hurriedness. Jessica Jones Season 4 Disney+ finale 3 series

The most tempting narrative arcs that had concentrated the series with an execution-al promise weren’t allowed to unwind completely. And the emotional realm that the show had dared to explore during its run, appeared only as an abstract. So even with a sound conclusion for its central conflict, Jessica Jones doesn’t rule out the chances of being tapped on for juicy story-lines. Thus; for that reason, it appears that Marvel will reconsider the fate of the dead presentation. There are; in fact, high chances that the universe will imbue new life into Jessica Jones by setting a Season 4 for it on Disney’s upcoming streaming platform Disney+. Apart from Jessica Jones, Marvel has also recently axed Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and the Punisher on Netflix. Jessica Jones Season 3 series finale

Jessica Jones Sprints Over Important Plotlines In Season 3

Through the first half of the season, it was clear that Jessica Jones had aspirations to tell a progressively reflective story. Through the other half; however, the show was only what Netflix and Marvel had set for its third season to be: a walking husk, a zombie-standing-out-of-obligation. Jessica Jones Season 3 initiated a focal paradox in its premiere when it depicted Jones (played to perfection by Krysten Ritter). separating a daughter from her father at a Mexican beach during their vacation because the father no longer had custody of the child. The show intended to discover a sustainable career for Jones where she doesn’t have to compromise on her impulses or morals. But the lack of a sufficient time-frame caused the show to fail in generating revelatory answers.

Jessica’s fractured friendship with friend Trish (Rachael Taylor) and her hunt for an on-the-lose-serial-killer were structurally. important themes on the show. However, the swollen 13 episodes had an idea that they had no choice but to rush through the tracks. Thus making for a diluted drama quotient on the show. Nevertheless, it was clear that the premise was strong. So, it would be fitting for Marvel to add Jessica Jones Season 4 to its Disney+ service.

Disney+ May Order Season 4 With A Bigger Budget

If Disney+ decides to go ahead with a Jessica Jones Season 4, it will offer an opportunity to have a cinematically unabated run. Since Jessica Jones was only a dead-show-walking on Netflix, it encountered major budgetary woes. Jessica Jones deserves more theatrical brawls and less off-kilter sequences. After all, it was fairly a stand-alone representation of women superheroes on TV. Jessica Jones Season 3 series finale

Whether or not Jessica Jones returns for a Season 4 will remain a matter of ambiguity for at least 2 years. (For as long as Netflix holds the right to veto its shift to another.network; the same-case scenario that is with the recently cancelled iconic sitcom, One Day At A Time). But if a Jessica Jones revival ultimately does happen, it will be a pure Marvel homage to women power.

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