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Shane Dawson Has a Conspiracy Video Coming Before Jeffree Star Series

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We are all aware that Shane Dawson has been working on a mega series with Jeffree Star. It is going to revolve around the make-up industry and we are going to see how Shane Dawson creates his own make-up products! Shane himself told everyone that they’ve been working all year. From filming and editing, he and his editor Andrew Siwicki has been working hard at it. Though, Dawson felt like a failure just because of the fact that he could not give out a video every week or month because as a YouTuber that is what he was used to. But luckily, he ended up making a conspiracy video for us all. As per him, he’s going to be releasing that very soon. Though, he can’t give us an exact release date.

What Is Shane Dawson Conspiracy Video Going To Be About?

In Instagram stories a few days ago, Shane Dawson mentioned how this time it would be much more serious than ever before. Instead of just exploring the topic and theorizing on it, he is going to ask people directly regarding the topic at hand. Those people, as Shane stated, would have sufficient knowledge on the matter.

There are theories going on that the video is going to be about a haunted house. For those who have been following Shane for quite a while now would not find this surprising. In the past, Shane and his friends have gone and explored haunted hotels and ships. Something about the paranormal just fascinates him.

Moreover, on June 9th he sent out some cryptic tweets which could imply that Shane Dawson’s conspiracy video would be about a haunted house.

We’re not sure what the whole video is going to be about but it definitely seems like Shane Dawson is upping his game. After all, that’s what he has been doing with each video series he releases. Last time, he went after Chuck E Cheese, Apple, Hollister Co., Abercrombie & Fitch. It looks like he is never going to stop giving us high quality and useful content. Him winning the Shorty Award and Creator of the Year, Documentary, Editing awards in the 8th Streamys is a testament to that.

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