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10 Interesting Facts About Space & Solar System

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There is much more to space than our cool wallpapers and cute phone cases! Why not take a look at these amazing fun facts about space that won’t bore you out as your school science teachers did give their lame PowerPoint presentations about the solar system.

1 Space isn’t empty

Space isn’t empty
Source: nasa

Opposed to what they’ve been teaching us all our lives, it is not a total vacuum but has atoms scattered everywhere in it. What even was the point of torturing us with science classes when they didn’t even have their facts right?

2 Space is all-silent

Space is all-silent

Since there is no atmosphere, there is no medium for sound waves to travel in which is why there will always be silence. So maybe it is perfect for those bitchy cranky days when we just crave ‘me-time’!

3 Energy of the solar system taken by sun

Energy of the solar system taken by sun

The sun is so huge and hot that it contains about 99% of the energy of the solar system. There’s a reason why it’s the center of attention. And we thought we were important?

4 Height increases

Height increases
Source: buzzle

Yes, you read it right! Since gravity is not pushing you down anymore, your spine straightens up. For all those who feel they look like dwarfs, space is the place for you, fam!

5 Blue Glow mystery

Blue Glow mystery
Source: Aol

The blue glow, which surrounds Uranus, is due to the methane there which blocks away from the red light. Excuse me while I laugh at the line I just wrote.

6 Venus has long AF days!

Venus has long AF days!
Source: nasa

Do you feel 24 hours are not enough to do all the chores? Consider moving to Venus. One day there is longer than a year! Knowing me, I’d still wait the very last minute to get shit done.

7 Cold welding in space

Cold welding in space
Source: imgur

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? This is when two similar types of metal stick together forever after coming into contact with one another. Excuse me while I buy a ticket for my crush and me to outer space.

8 Pluto’s out of the planet list

Pluto’s out of the planet list
Source: imgur

Yes, the ongoing debates have finally concluded, and Pluto is not an actual planet. It’s called a dwarf planet instead. Oh wow, we finally established our superiority over our slave planet! We sure got our priorities straight.

9 Feet skin comes off

Feet skin comes off

Yes, since you cannot use your feet to walk on space, the skin gets all dead and soft and peels off. Totally gross since it must be filled with dead feet skin all the time but free pedicure, yay!

10 Tears don’t fall in space

Tears don’t fall in space
Source: youtube

Forget “I like to cry in the rain so no one can see my tears”, now cry in the space where tears literally don’t fall. They just form weird bubbles around your eyes, and you can blame it on some vague facts about space!

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