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Hackers Hacked With An Amazing Sense Of Humor

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Some hackers try to change the world by their vigilante service, and some just like to troll the world. Sometimes they do things that make us laugh our ass off. So let’s creep in on 6 hackers hacked incidents that should be forgiven by the law because they’re so damn funny.

1 Power Plant blasts ‘Thunderstruck’

Power Plant blasts ‘Thunderstruck’
Source: YouTube

One time, a group of hackers hacked into the Iranian power plant systems and played a song “Thunderstruck” by the AC/DC at full volume. Not only does the song choice perfectly compliment the system they hacked, but also it’s a big fuck you to the government as rock music is banned in the country. Kudos for good taste Mr. Hackers.

2 Al-Qaeda produces the best cupcakes in America!

Al-Qaeda produces the best cupcakes in America!
Source: Kin sale Gourmet Academy

The British intelligence agency hacked into Al-Qaeda’s online magazine that featured an article on making homemade bombs and replaced it with a recipe for making cupcakes! The hackers also removed articles written by an asshole most commonly known as Osama bin Laden. Not all heroes wear capes.

3 CosbyCoin replaces Bitcoin

CosbyCoin replaces Bitcoin
Source: Merkle

When this cryptocurrency was gaining power, hackers hacked into the Bitcoin site replacing it with ‘CosbyCoin’ and pasting images of Bill Cosby all over along with links to another website that they created just to support their prank. Talk about commitment. Anywho, can I get my Cosby encashed, please?

4 The San Francisco street signs

The San Francisco street signs
Source: NBC

In 2014, some hackers found their way into electronic signboards on a highway of San Francisco and changed the message to ‘Godzilla Attack! Turn Back!’, creating a hilarious scene on the road. They could’ve done something like ‘Free chicken nuggets’, and I bet that would have created more traffic on the road than this!

5 Burger King collaborates with McDonalds

Burger King collaborates with McDonalds
Source: Business Insider

Believed the title? Haha, you’ve been trolled! In 2013, hackers got into Burger King’s Twitter account and added the McDonald’s logo and name above it. Some people just like to see the world burn…in harmless gags that troll fast food restaurants.

6 Crayola’s Facebook page

Crayola’s Facebook page
Source: Shop Crayola

Well, this one may not be what we define as a good sense of humor but was definitely humor in its unique and childish form. When Crayola’s Facebook page was hacked, the hacker posted inappropriate jokes. Looks like someone who ought to be playing with crayons got hold of the crayon company account…

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