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Why Bryce Dallas Howard Loves Book Radical Candor

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In a recent post, the Jurassic Park actress Bryce Dallas Howard took time out to post about her favorite book on her Instagram handle: Radical Candor. The actress wrote a long note beside a picture of her holding the book to talk about why she likes the book.

Bryce Dallas Howard On Radical Candor

She shared with students from a former New York University class asking for a book recommendation. She ended her post by recommending the podcast to her followers. The actress also explained why she loves the the book:

[it] is basically all about how to be a great leader without losing your humanity

Kim Scott | Author Of The Book

Bryce Howard also tagged the writer, Kim Scott. Kim Scott, who is a former manager at google and later a trainer at Apple, naturally has more than just two cents to share on leadership. She received her BA degree from Princeton. She later went for her MBA to Harvard. The writer has also lead a successful career as a management trainer. Scott has been a CEO coach at companies like Qualtrics and Twitter.

Why Is The Book So Special To Howard?

Kim Scott’s book explains why say good or say nothing is a statement that is sometimes just not a fit advice for certain occasions. One can lose the essence of leadership if one fails to deliver positive criticism for those who one leads. However, at the same time, it also does not mean one carries a dictator-like person-hood. In her book she unveils the mid ground between being too sweet and being a harsh critic to one’s to subordinates. And that she believes is key to being an effective leader. The title of the book explains this very ideology in the words- Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity.

It’s More Than Just A Guide For Good Leadership Skills

Howard also pointed out that it’s more than just a book for leadership. She wrote in her post that it also applies ‘to all professional and interpersonal relationships’. Obviously, to be able to deliver one’s thoughts without showing blinding empathetic or being too obnoxious is the best way to go about communicating. No wonder the Black Mirror Actress recommended it for everyone and not just politicians or leaders.

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