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Homecoming Season 2 Without Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts’ time before the camera on Amazon psychological thriller ‘Homecoming’ ended during the show’s first season. While Roberts would continue to perform executive duties on Homecoming Season 2, she will not feature on the screen space unlike before. Roberts’ departure from the Globe-winner and potential Emmy nominee will significantly and adversely affect the shows overall performance. Unless, of course, Sam Esmail conceives some perceptive stratagems to salvage the show’s sudden lack of star-studded-ness, as forays daringly into an unpreserved narrative mystery.

Julia Roberts’s Heidi Story Has Reached Its Ultimate Culmination On The Homecoming Season 1

Homecoming on Amazon religiously followed the source podcast for the first half of its season 1. But mostly for creative independence, the series diverged from the parent podcast midway. The Homecoming podcast second season had primarily dealt with Heidi’s back-breaking search for Walter. The show’s first season; however, conclusively resolved the Heidi-Walter arc, eliminating any scope of stretching their story-line further. Hence, because to divergent narrative ambitions, Julia Roberts was eased off from Homecoming.

Amazon had enlisted Julia Roberts as the high water mark for its Homecoming campaign. Expectedly Roberts had successfully delivered positive results for the show. In fact, it was for Roberts adept performance that several users signed up for Amazon subscription closely before the show’s November opening. With Roberts gone, Homecoming season 2 release will have to lock on an equally famous face to preserve its star-power quotient.

Will Other Cast Members Return On The Homecoming Season 2?

Apart from Roberts, Sam Esmail hasn’t dawned on the fates of other Homecoming stars. Stephan James, Bobby Cannavale, Shea Whigham and Hong Chau had all rallied together to turn in deliciously compelling performances on the Gimlet podcast adaptation. Much like the case with Roberts’ Heidi, James’ Walter Cruz was also provided with significant closure towards the end of the Season 1. Which; hence, makes James return to the series a matter of ambiguity. While Cannavale’s character possess a great scope for return, it will be; nevertheless, hard to fit him in a completely different position among completely different people.

Hong Chau and Shea Whigham are two stars who can possibly shine brightly on the show’s upcoming season. Chau’s recurring Audrey had gained pivotal momentum only in the end credits of the show. Audrey’s obscure sinister diligence and behind-the-scenes plotting manifested in Chau’s ambitiously calm, sharp-witted show. And this allows for careful and reliable placement of Chau in the centre of the story for Homecoming Season 2.

Sam Esmail Talks About Replacing Julia Roberts

Sam Esmail and Amazon Studios head Jennifer Chalke are currently considering a set of A-List stars to fill in for Roberts gaping absence on the show. Esmail has admitted to the opportunity of introducing a fresh lead on the podcast-adaptations sophomore innings. And he has additionally admitted that he is keen on locking a celebrity with equal star-wattage for the parts. There has so far been no mention of who might be on Esmail’s secret star list. But given our experience of watching Esmail bring celebrated stars like Rami Malek and Julia Roberts on TV, we can count his next find to be equally illustrious.

There has been no word on a Homecoming Season 2 release date yet.

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