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No, Tim Allen Isn’t Racist Because He Can’t Play Spades

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Recently, Tim Allen is trending on Twitter. And celebrities usually start trending on the internet if it’s their birthday or they died. Or perhaps they are involved in some major scandal. But, no it is none of those things. People on the internet are going into a frenzy because he just revealed to the public that he cannot play spades. But, this whole incident has led to some people declaring him a racist. Is it because of the fact that he cannot play spades, or something else?

Let’s investigate, shall we.

Toy Story 4 Press Tour Leads To Some Truths About Tim Allen and Tom Hanks

The All-Mighty Xilla Valentine‏, a self-made journalist, recently did an interview with two leads in the upcoming Disney movie.

Well, the caption says the blogger was testing out knowledge of Tom Hanks regarding black culture. It seems like he won the test and Allen failed. He just looked confused while Hanks and the interviewer discussed some tactics involved in the game of Spades.

Allen stated,

“I have no idea what you guys are talking about”



Since, Spades is a game commonly known in the black culture, some people took to relate it how Allen is racist. But that actually was not the case.

Tim Allen Racist Declaration

A lot of the African American community is clarifying that the fact they called the Home Improvement actor racist was because of a certain interview long ago. In the interview, Tim talked about how he wants to have no restrictions when it comes to saying the “n-word”.

“If I have no intent, if I show no intent, if I clearly am not a racist, then how can ‘n—–‘ be bad coming out of my mouth?”

This was an interview that occurred with Tampa Bay Times about 6 years ago. Daily Mail covered it on their website as well. Black commentators did not take this news lightly. In fact, they did not understand how Allen was being sympathetic towards Paula Deen, who was facing backlash after making blatant racist comments.

During that time a radio host and an author Michael Eric Dyson explained why Allen’s logic was wrong.

He wants to move from ally to reassume the appropriate privilege of whiteness, which is to dictate the terms of the debate. Look, y’all (white people) invented the n-word. We (black people) didn’t invent it. We just co-opted it. We hijacked it. We did a carjacking on that word a few decades ago, and now you’re mad because we’ve made more sexy use of it – some denigration as well.

African American Community Still Hold the Same Views

The Black community was not happy with Allen being so ignorant about the game of Spades. It wasn’t the fact that he has no knowledge of the game, but rather he showed no interest. It was quite similar to how he was ignorant about how the “n-word” can be hurtful and offensive.

For years, it was a word associated with oppression and injustice that the black community faced. When they took the word back, they just changed it in a way that it did not hold the same negative connotation. The major underlying reason for that was that blacks used it with each other, so by default, there was no offense meant.


While there’s no definitive fact confirming whether Tim Allen is a racist or not, some people have decided themselves.

The other side of Twitter have a different view on it.


What are your thoughts on it?

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