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Here’s Why Alec Baldwin Turned Down Movie With Jennifer Garner

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As unfortunate as it seems, Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Garner won’t be costars for now. Despite Baldwin having an interest in working with Garner, he chose to honor his family above his work. For the latest project, Garner and her team will be heading to Africa for filming. But Alec is unable to promise his appearance in the movie because apparently, for the actor, his work won’t ever come above his family.

Why Did Alec Baldwin Turn Down the Upcoming Jennifer Garner Movie?

Alec Baldwin reveals that some connection asked him if he would be interested in doing a movie with Jennifer Garner. Naturally, the actor was delighted and wanted to consider the option given that Garner is a wonderful actress and a great movie star. Not just that, but the script and drama seemed very appealing too. So, he wondered who would not want to take up such an opportunity?

However, Baldwin turned down the offer. That is because Jennifer and her team were headed to Africa for five weeks for the project. But Alec Baldwin could not join the group since he has children who have to get to school in the country. The father of five claimed that everything he did was for his children. His entire life revolves around his family. As for his children, they are still growing up, and Alec Baldwin wants to be a part of it. He shared that,

As they’re growing up in that slow-motion way that you watch children, they turn this corner, and two weeks later they say something else. You see the way that they develop in real time, up close in your own family. There’s nothing more interesting than watching people grow up.

So, five weeks is a long time to be separated from his family. That remains the reason that Alec Baldwin turned down the chance of starring with Jennifer Garner in her movie.

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