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Top Secret Science Projects That were Scary Af

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There’s legit so much shady shit going on right under our noses. So many secret science projects that would put Dr Doofenshmirtz to shame. Experiments that were done in the name of science but had serious possible consequences. Consequences such as I don’t know maybe the end of the goddamn world.

Have a look at some of these secret science projects so that we can understand why they remained secret. Basically, these scientists would have gotten some serious ass whooping!


1 Among the top list of the most inhuman secret science projects ever is “Mustard Gas Testing”

Among the top list of the most inhuman secret science projects ever is “Mustard Gas Testing”
Source: Naval Research Laboratory

This experiment was top-secret testing done by the US on soldiers that were of the minority. Not only was the testing intensely dangerous on the people involved but they weren’t even allowed to tell anyone, so no one was able to get treatment for the effect that mustard gas had on their body. What made it worse is that they only used those soldiers that belonged to minorities.

2 Tsunami Bomb

Tsunami Bomb
Source:  worldbulletin

Wow, the US and New Zealand must have been smoking some hard shit when they decided to hold to top-secret testing of what they call “Tsunami Bomb”. Ingenious name, we have to admit. This thing could destroy entire coastal cities and so much more from below sea level. No one would be able to see it coming. Thank God, it was stopped in 1945.

3 Frankenstein: The Monkey Version

Frankenstein: The Monkey Version
Source: moving-picture

Dr Robert J. White was perhaps highly influenced by Frankenstein as he decided to do what he called a full body transplant on a monkey. Most people call it a head transplant because that’s what it was. He managed to switch the heads of two monkeys, and he kept that unnatural thing alive for 3-9 days. It was obviously kept secret since animal rights activists were enraged, and rightfully so!

4 Starfish Prime

Starfish Prime
Source: earthfiles


Scientists did a series of high altitude nuking and one of these tests called Starfish Prime. However, results of this top secret testing were that there was an electromagnetic pulse that affected a significant mile radius. The scariest thing was that it burnt out satellites and disrupted worldwide communication. People did get to see rainbow skies, but I guess it isn’t all that fun especially when radioactivity is involved. Imagine if someone could destroy satellites right this moment, we’d all die.

5 Green Run

Green Run
Source: gizmodo


So the US was afraid that the Russians might be using ‘green fuel’ to get ahead in the nuclear race so they wanted to see if they could detect it. But they fucked up. Major time. They were asked to release radioactive iodine, but instead of releasing the normal amount, they released a hell lot of it. They try to say there wasn’t any harm done, but Washington has still some dangerous radioactivity to this day.

6 Bacteria Cloud

Bacteria Cloud
Source:  flickr


The US wanted to test how susceptible they would be to biological warfare, so they made a brilliant decision. They decided to put their own people at risk. YAY! The US navy sprayed a cloud of bacteria over San Francisco

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