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Tyga On A Roll With New Album Legendary

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Generally, rappers these days tend to get a tad bit too sexual in a lot of their songs. Tyga is no exception. The clearly eminent theme in most of today’s popular rap music is sex if not drugs, money or booze. It started when Tyga released the song ‘Taste’ about one whole year ago, which is also part of the recently fully released album, ‘Legendary’. The entire album seems to be nothing more than a collection of sexually-driven songs reaching new heights of materialism and hedonism.

Following that, Tyga also released a couple of singles. Dip with Nicki Minaj was the first in a series of explicit and weird music videos. Nicki Minaj is evidently a prime example of the rappers I’m talking about. So you can imagine what their collaboration looked (and sounded) like.

However, there’s no denying that the bass and rhythm of these songs don’t demand the same criticism, at least under the light of pop rap and modern bass trends. And despite the explicit and somewhat offensive nature of these songs, you can’t help but bop your head to them.

Same Old Money And Sex Theme

After that, Tyga dropped the single ‘Floss In The Bank’ which shows him standing in front of about 10 brand new, bright-red, shiny Lambos (‘Cause it’s just that casual). And then, he came out with ‘Girls Have Fun’ featuring G-Eazy and Rich The Kid. Having a natural bias towards G-Eazy, I’d like to say this song was different from the rest. But who are we kidding? One can’t help but wonder how Tyga gets his hands on all these super attractive female models who are just willing to casually saunter around in bikinis in pretty much all of his music videos. FYI, boys, that’s really not what your 20s is ideally supposed to look like.

Also featured in the latest G-Eazy song, Bang’, (which has already collected over 1 million views), Tyga is one of the hottest artists of 2019.

The amusing part is that even Tyga’s tone and rap inflection is similar-sounding in all of these songs. He adds the same-old chorus, beats and words. Even (and especially) fans have noticed and they can’t help but point it out.

With one of the hit tracks off the album, ‘Goddamn’, we have to give credit to Tyga for at least trying to channel a different theme. But even though the setting is vintage, cow-boy, rusty old bar style, the song is no different. The lyrics talk about the same old “bad bitches”, cash and fast cars.

New Tyga Album: Legendary

Tyga released Legendary’ just a few weeks ago in June 2019, it being his seventh studio album. A collection of 14 songs, it’s been a long-time coming. Despite the criticism, Tyga is slowly taking over the pop rap music scene and becoming increasingly popular. His songs are the perfect fast-driving and party anthems to listen and dance to. This has garnered a lot of attention and gotten him good reviews. Check out his latest music video for the song ‘Haute’ down below.

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