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Dark Phoenix Trailer Gives Out a Spoiler To Fans


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The final installment in Fox’s long-running X-Men series Dark Phoenix is here. But even when there are a lot of twists coming in the movie, all of them might not be a surprise. Months ahead of the June premiere, one huge development of the movie was revealed in a trailer. Even when some fans remained positive that this may be a mere misdirection, that was not the case.  Now that the entire movie is out, we have surely realized how big of a marketing glitch that was. It seems like the trailer has robbed the Dark Phoenix of any surprise elements there may have been in store!

Dark Phoenix Trailer Reveals Biggest Movie Development- Death of Jennifer Lawrence

The April trailer for the last X-Men movie revealed that Jennifer Lawrence’s character Mystique will die at the hands of Jean Grey played by Sophie Turner. But fans found it hard to believe that such a big death could simply be spoiled by marketing. So, naturally people called it a simple misdirection and trick for the audience. But writer/director Simon Kinberg soon told everyone that it was in fact a real moment that happens in the movie.

Spoiler Ruins the Moment

Now that Dark Phoenix is out, it seems like revealing the death of Mystique in the trailer was a huge mistake. Instead of redirecting the expectations of the audience, it completely eliminated all elements of surprise. In fact, the whole scene of Mystique’s death and the confrontation between Jean Grey and Mystique is deprived of all emotional depth we needed. No wonder the Avengers team were so adamant on ensuring no one leaked any spoilers.

It also appears that apart from this, there are no major surprises in Dark Phoenix. So, the trailer glitch is definitely not compensated for in the movie. While some people were expecting this last movie to be an epic farewell to the X-Men franchise, the audience might not find it to be the case.

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