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The 1975’s Matty Healy | Best Frontman According To Shawn Mendes

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The 1975, the world’s most loved – and hated- band, never manages to stay out of headlines. While NME may have learned to love the band, The Tab still finds it lame. And for this reason, the divided correspondents around the band never seem to converge over one idea. As for now, the split is only widening but only for the better. The 1975 have found new adoration in Hollywood. In fact, this new-found love is being sourced by the Prince of Pop Shawn Mendes himself. The singer and songwriter has recently taken to Twitter to call 1975’s lead vocalist Matty Healy ‘the best front man’. Mendes has; additionally, poured in praise for the band’s latest performance. Shawn Mendes Underwear

The 1975 Tour To Promote New Album, “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships”

On 3rd June, The 1975 performed at Budweiser Stage in Toronto to support their new album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. The performance in Canada was the last on the list of the band’s North American slate. The 1975 has been on tour since January. It commenced its promotional tour in the UK, and after delivering numerous breathtaking shows all across Europe, the band moved southwards towards Brazil and Argentina. It arrived in North America in April and alternatively led concerts in the US and Canada. Recently, while the band was in Toronto to wrap up its North American tour, it caught the attention of the Toronto-based pop artist, Shawn Mendes.

Shawn Mendes Publicly Calls Matty Healy The Best Front-Man

After the performance in Toronto, praise poured in for the 1975, especially for its lead vocalist Matty Healy, from all corners. Shawn Mendes; in fact, took to Twitter to express how much was he in awe of the band’s latest performance. He added that the band had him ‘mesmerized’,

Matty Healy quickly took notice of Shawn’s acknowledgment. He retweeted Mendes’ kind gesture with a cute emoji.

The adorable exchange wasn’t obviously something that would have gone unnoticed. As a matter of fact, Twitter Music stepped in during the musicians’ online banter and demanded them to collaborate. Thus, becoming a voice for Mendes and Matty’s joint fandoms, who are now going crazy over the idea.

Shawn Mendes Gifts Matty Healy His Iconic Underwear

Earlier this year, the 1975 star Matty Healy had received an interesting gift from Shawn Mendes. After Shawn Mendes Calvin Klein shoot, Matty Healy had laid a demand on Twitter. Healy had requested Mendes send him those “iconic underpants.”

Surprisingly, Matty wasn’t left unheard. It turns out, Mendes actually did send the real underwear to the musician. They were tied with a gold ribbon and had a “Certificate of Authenticity” to go along with it. Healy tweeted the photo, to which Mendes replied “100 % authentic !” Shawn Mendes Underwear

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