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One Day At a Time Will Be On the LA Pride Parade!

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Everyone fell in love with One Day At A Time due to its hilarious wit, charming warmth and wise messages. But the audience really loved how it gave representation to certain groups in society that don’t usually get their fair share of screen time on modern TV shows – something that Netflix should have accounted for before it cancelled the show! We got an in-depth view and portrayal of a Cuban family, headed by a lone mother who is a war veteran nurse having to deal with PTSD and depression. Moreover, she is raising a teenage daughter who happens to be gay! These groups have gotten more representation on One Day At a Time than most other popular sitcoms. Which is why we’re glad that One Day At a Time will be there at the LA Pride Parade this month!

Gloria Calderon Kellett Shares The News Herself!

The creator of the show One Day At a Time, Gloria Calderon Kellett, shared the joyful news just today in a tweet.

The One Day At a Time cast members will be present on the ‘Am Bi Social Float’. We will be seeing Justina Machado (Penelope Alvarez) and Todd Grinnell (Schneider). Moreover, we will be seeing Elena’s non-binary girlfriend Syd, played by Sheridan Pierce. Mackenzie Phillips who has appeared on the original sitcom One Day At a Time as well as the modern one is also on the LA Pride Parade. Nicky Endres is going to be present on the La Pride Parade too.

Why LA Pride Parade Matters

LA Pride Festival and Parade is a yearly event that focuses on the LGBTQ+ community of America. Managed by Christopher Street West Association, an LGBT non-profit human rights organization, the event has been taking place since 1970! It soon became a highly important way for the LGBTQ+ community to raise their voice against injustice occurring against them. Essentially, this parade is a positive and hopeful way of encouraging people to open up their minds to people of a different sexuality and genders. It has also become a political movement on some occasions.

One Day At a Time Fits Perfectly With the Parade

The show that highlighted a teenage relationship between two girls, one cis-gender and one non-binary, was certainly an important step towards better representation for the LGBTQ+ community. The media plays a significant role in shaping up how we think about the society around us. Decades ago, people used to think of homosexuality and transgender identity as something wrong or controversial. As TV shows like One Day At a Time normalize LGBTQ relationships, the public slowly beings to change their mindset. Hence, if you are attending the parade be sure to wave to the cast of One Day At a Time!

Now, we just have to patiently await for a network to pick up One Day At a Time!

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