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6 Natural Home Remedies For Body Pain

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We all are prone to turn to medications and drugs when our body becomes even slightly ill or feels any pain and discomfort. However, the drugs can have some harmful side effects and even lead you to get addiction of some of the painkillers.
This might not always be the case, but it’s also worth noting that there are much healthier alternatives out there to relieve body pain.

Read on to find some natural home remedies to relieve pain!

1 Turmeric

Source: Wikimedia

This one is already known to many people hoping to relieve their body pain using natural home remedies. It does so because it consists of the antioxidant curcumin, which reduces inflammation. Hence, turmeric helps cure many conditions such as indigestion, ulcers, psoriasis (fancy word for horrible skin condition), and cancer.

2 Cloves

Source: Wikimedia

Cloves are commonly used as a whole in spicing up your cooking, but they can also be found in powder form or oil. It has healing abilities and helps relieve toothaches, nausea, and colds. However, clove oil can be harmful if ingested, and it might be a skin irritant to some people. So just wary of that before trying it out.

3 Ice and Heat

Ice and Heat
Source: wisegeek

Despite it being a commonly used method to relieve body pain, there is still confusion about whether one should use ice or heat. Here’s an example to clear out the confusion; when you sprain your foot you apply ice to it swelling and inflammation, but when the inflammation has disappeared, use heat packs to reduce the stiffness. If you have a severe headache, you can use a cold pack to ease the pain. However, you must consult your doctor before applying either heat or ice.

4 Epsom Salt Soak

Epsom Salt Soak
Source: himalaius

After coming home from a grueling work at the office, it’s always relaxing to take a bath. Now, add a bit of salt in it. Why? Well, it has magnesium that our bodies usually don’t have enough of. Even if you simply soak your feat in a tub of warm water with some Epsom salt, it’ll help your body regulate normally and you’ll end up feeling much healthier.

5 Ginger


Just like many other spices, it doesn’t fail when it comes to treating pain. According to research, it can be particularly helpful in treating arthritis. It also contains chemicals that help reduce nausea and inflammation.

6 Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw
Source: travelnewsnamibia

Don’t let its image scare you off, just focus on how awesome it can be in relieving body pain. The spice contains iridoid glycosides, which basically means that it reduces physical pain. It can also be taken as tea, and is commonly sold as capsules and ointments.

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