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Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star Beauty Series Coming Soon?

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Beauty mogul Jeffree Star and YouTube sensation Shane Dawson have been working hard lately for their upcoming never-seen-before collaborative series. While Dawson and Star claim that their new collab will be about beauty, its subject still remains largely unclear. But the YouTubers have recently teased some exciting updates about their collective work. As the Youtubers settled down to review Kylie Jenner’s new skincare line in yet another combination video, they discussed various aspects of their breathtaking new venture. In the video, the YouTubers also called out Kylie’s line for being ‘basic’.

Shane Dawson And Jeffree Star Talk About Their Upcoming Series

While the YouTubers did not reveal much, they did dawn upon all the work that was complete. Shane exclaimed that they have been shooting for the series for around six months now. And their work is finally in its editing phase; where Shane is obviously contributing tirelessly. Previously too, when Shane was responding to sticker questions in his Instagram stories, he has mentioned that the filming was nearing completion. So his statements from the new collab video were very much in line with his former assertions.

From Dawson and Star’s recent video; however, we were able to obtain several Easter eggs about the subject of their upcoming beauty series. Shane Dawson told that he was with Jeffree Star at his office, discussing, make-up conspiracies. Now obviously, YouTube stars don’t go out discussing conspiracy theories without a reason. Thus it can be safely assumed that in order to bring with worlds together, the YouTube stars are each adding equal flavor to their partnered-project. While Jeffree star brings his beauty knowledge to the table, Shawn is tossing it some with some dark conspiracy spice.

Upcoming Beauty Series Coming Very Soon!

Since the two stars have been hanging out and having some fun with playing with make-up, we can expect that upcoming beauty series to arrive soon as well. Of course, it’s going to take Shane Dawson and his editor Andrew Siwicki quite a long time because they make their videos highly unique. But, perhaps Dawson will provide us with this much awaited series in the next month.

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