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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Plane Emergency To Jimmy Kimmel

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The FRIENDS actress Jennifer Aniston had a plane emergency incident, but somehow Jimmy Kimmel was involved to make the situation hilarious. While Aniston appeared on the show, she gave out some details of what happened. Apparently, the actress was accompanied by Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney who received a humorous text from her husband after she informed him that the plane was going down. But Aniston brought proof of the texts with her to make sure Jimmy did not have the opportunity to defend himself.

Aniston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live alongside Adam Sandler to promote their upcoming Netflix movie Murder Mystery. But looks like she had much more to share than what the movie is all about.

What Plane Emergency Did Jennifer Aniston Reveal on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Jennifer recalled that for her 50th birthday, a bunch of girlfriends, including Courtney Cox and Kimmel’s wife Molly decided to surprise her with a trip to Mexico. Though, once they landed on the plane, an emergency situation occurred. The plane apparently lost a tire as soon as they took off. While the explosion was scary enough, the plane had to make an emergency landing. Jennifer Aniston further revealed that unlike all of her friends, she had a real fear of flying. So, she freaked out when the pilot wanted to speak to her. Instead of going to speak with him, Jennifer Aniston sent one of her friends to the cockpit.

As for everyone else in the plane, they started reaching out to friends and family to inform that the flight was in trouble. But unlike all the sweet responses people may have received, Molly’s story was totally the opposite. When she texted Kimmel that she loved him, he responded that he had already signed up for Tinder. But he was going to wait before activating his ID until the plane emergency reached a final decision. He even sent a shirtless selfie with a backward baseball hat on which apparently was his Tinder profile picture.

When Jennifer Aniston provided proof, Kimmel took up his defense. And claimed that he was simply trying to lighten the mood. In reality, he was thrilled about the safe landing. After all, the nation’s greatest treasures were up on that flight.

If only Lisa Kudrow was there to warn her friend Jennifer Aniston in time, just like her character Phoebe did for Aniston’s character Rachel on the finale of Friends.

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