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The Lion King Voice Actors React To Their Live Action Avatars

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Disney’s highly anticipated live-action has revealed a new set of posters featuring its voice cast and characters. The film which enlivens the 1994 iconic animated piece, this time under the guidance of Iron Man director Jon Favreau, has summoned an array of tech-savvy tools to present a world of lifelike characters. The promotional gigs for the upcoming Disney live-action are in full swing. And now that Disney has teased all the avatars from the Lion King live action remake, fans are pouring in their reactions. Fans and celebrities are thrilled about the film alike. In fact, they all have high hopes from the upcoming feature. The movies’ voice cast is quite excited about the film too. Check out below how the voice actors are reacting to their character posters.  Beyonce, Donald Glover, Lion King Live action

Seth Rogen As Pumbaa

Seth Rogen plays an unintelligent common warthog, Pumbaa in The Lion King Live Action remake.

While Rogen had earlier expressed that Pumbaa was indeed a befitting role for him, he was clearly surprised when the character appeared on the poster. Well, the resemblance isn’t uncanny after all.

As the poster arrived, Rogen simply stated: ” I am Pumbaa”. It isn’t like there is much to say when you are a dull Warthog. But all jokes apart, the representation looks sufficiently realistic. And we honestly can’t wait to watch Rogen lend his humorous wit to the part.

Billy Eichner As Timon

Billy Eichner was clearly pleased to see his live action avatar. Billy Eichner’s brainy meerkat Timon will join Seth Rogen’s Pumbaa is supporting and raising Simba after he runs away from home. Lion King Live action Remake Beyonce, Donald Glover

As the look of his character from the Lion King live action remake came out, Eichner wrote, “Hello Gorgeous”.

As Billy Eichner tweeted his character poster, His Dark Materials fame Lin Manuel Miranda reacted hilariously. Check out their rib-tickling banter (and GIF war).

Alfre Woodard As Sarabi

Woodard is evidently nostalgic about playing Sarabi, mother to Simba. She tweeted her character poster on Twitter, adding nostalgic references from the movie’s original track.

John Oliver As Zazu

John Oliver must be thrilled about playing the red-billed hornbill, Zazu- a majordomo to the King of the Pride Lands. But for now, he is apparently confused. And you can’t really blame him. Just look at the bird.

Additionally, for some reason, Zazu does remind me of John Oliver. (The resemblance is uncanny).

Shahadi Wright Joseph As Young Nala

The release of Lion King’s live action remake has US star Shahadi Wright Joseph anxious and excited. She plays a young Nala in the film, who is the film’s heroine and Simba’s love interest.  As she posted her character poster on Instagram, Joseph included a countdown in the caption.

JD McCrary As Young Simba

JD McCrary is playing a young Simba on the Lion King Live Action remake, and he has a clear-cut message for haters. Beware, because McCrary is a mighty king. And he truly is. McCrary is just as excited about the premiere of his film in July as his other co-stars. He also #justcantwaittobeking

Donald Glover As Simba, Beyonce Knowles-Carter As Nala

The Lion King live action remake has a huge star cast, but not everyone has reacted to the new character looks. Donald Glover and Beyonce Knowles-Carter are the lead voices on the film as Simba And Nala respectively  While Chiwetel Elijofor features as Scar, James Earl Jones plays Mufasa, and John Kani plays Rafiki. Check out their characters below.

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