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Disney-Pixar’s Onward Starry Voice Cast Includes Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, And More

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Disney has finally dropped the first trailer for its new, surreal upcoming animated-fantasy film, Onward. Helmed by Pixar animated studios and guided by Monsters University director Dan Scanlon, the original movie will hit theatres on March 6, 2020. Even though there is still a year until the film’s global premiere, Onward has managed to draw a lot of attention for its starry voice cast. While there are ideally numerous characters in the movie, Pixar has only revealed the names of its 4-key voice-cast members. According to Disney, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, and Tom Holland will lead Pixar’s next virtual fantasy fable.

The World Of Pixar’s Onward – A Mystical But Not So Magical Domain

In its most recent mystical outing, Pixar forays into a human-free suburban zone. The mystical realm composes of unicorns in place of raccoons and dragons instead of dogs. In the film, elves, trolls, mermaids, centaurs, fauns, satyrs, gnomes, sprites, goblins, and other mythical creatures inhabit Earth’s fantastical counterpart. But, even though the atmosphere is dreamlike, there is no trace of magic. Magic was a thing in the bygone era. But now times have changed, and the lead duo must embark on a quest to determine if there is any magic remaining in the world.

Chris Pratt, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer and Tom Holland Headline Pixar’s Onward

The 2020 fantasy piece will feature the voices of two major MCU superheroes. The Guardians of the Galaxy fame King of Versatility, Chris Pratt will lend his voice for the elder elf-brother, Barley Lightfoot. Avengers’ Spiderman Tom Holland; on the other hand, will play the younger of the two teenage brothers, Ian Lightfoot. Onward will be the Lightfoot brothers’ quest as they set forth on an enigmatic journey to discover magic. The Lightfoot brothers undertake the quest only to reunite with their father, whom they had lost when they were young, for a day. But they remain clearly oblivious of the challenges that await them.

Apart from Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer will also voice characters on Pixar’s Onward. While Spencer’s role is still under the wraps, Louis Dreyfus will play the matriarch of the Lightfoot household. The Veep actress will play the mother to the Lightfoot brothers, who has single-handedly brought them up, post the demise of her husband.

A Personal Project For Director Dan Scanlon

For Dan Scanlon, the project is a luke-warm reflection of his life. Scanlon was one and his elder-brother was three when their father passed away. Dan Scanlon has; thus, sought inspiration from his own relationship with his brother for the film. For the passion-project, Scanlon has also partnered with Kori Rae once again. Rae had earlier produced Monsters University for Scanlon.  Onward 2020 Disney Pixar movies movie trailer voice cast


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