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Rob Pelinka Meeting Heath Ledger: Fact or Fiction?

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Los Angeles Lakers General manager Rob Pelinka made claims of a meeting with Heath Ledger that may have never happened. The manager claimed that a former client, Kobe Bryant, wanted to meet Heath Ledger after watching The Dark Knight. Pelinka claims that his client used this meeting as a anecdotal references in his motivational speeches.

Bryant made the request as he was appalled by Heath Ledger’s deep involvement in his role as the Joker. According to information, which was provided by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, this made Kobe Bryant ask Rob Pelinka to arrange a meeting between him and Ledger so they can meet and talk about how he got into his role so well.

So, he had dinner with Heath, and he talked about how he locks in for a role

Pelinka claimed Bryant used the talk as motivation for a game against the New York Knicks.

The Meeting and Heath Ledger: Timelines That Don’t Match

And so, according to Rob Pelinka, he arranged the meeting. It later made its way as an anecdotal reference by by his client to motivate for a game against New York Knicks. But Holmes pointed out a contradiction in the plot. He noted that Heath Ledger died six months before the release of The Dark Knight. This means that the meeting could have never possibly taken place.

Ledger had died of an overdose 6 months prior to the release of The Dark Knight. The actor passed away on January 22, 2008. The movie was released in October later that year. It is impossible for the timelines to meet or make any sense. Holmes also claims that a source with direct knowledge said that the meeting never took place.

An Alternative Explanation

However, there is also another alternative explanation of how the meeting could have taken place. Before the IMAX release of I Am Legend in December 2007, a video clip of 8 minutes was played from The Dark Knight was played. It is possible that Bryant may have seen that clip and requested for a meeting with Ledger. He may have used that for his motivational speech against a game with Knicks on December 23th 2007.

Whatever the story may be, it is to note that the muddled timelines creates the possibility of a ‘story telling’ that could be ‘disingenuous’, as said by Holmes. Whether this has any repercussion for Pelinka’s career or questioning towards Bryant’s side, we’d have to wait and see.

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