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Trisha Paytas Responds To PewDiePie

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The YouTube Guru, PewDiePie, has just shared his point of view on the latest feuds between Trisha Paytas and two other YouTubers. Nikocado Avocado and H3H3 moved on from the feuds but the big YouTube brother reminded everyone these things are not to be forgotten. So, PewDiePie made a video on Trisha Paytas without makeup. The topics itself touches H3H3’s video Instagram Vs. Reality where H3H3 shared some mean comments on Trisha Paytas’ real vs photoshopped pictures. The message behind the video was good though. Anyways, as we all know Paytas was not going to stay quiet on this one, she responded to PewDiePie.

Trisha Paytas’ Glee On Being PewDiePie’s Topic For The Day

Paytas says when she initially saw the thumbnail of the video, she thought it was another troll video by some random guy. Because people have been making a lot of troll videos on her these days. (and apparently, she watches every single one of them).

The thumbnail was very similar to the H3 video of me.

And then she saw the video was actually from PewDiePie and she could not believe it. The thumbnail shows Trisha paytas’ own picture as the with-makeup version. Whereas; Colin Mochrie’s picture as Trisha Paytas without-makeup version. Paytas took the joke in good spirit.

Within 30 minutes it had half a milion views. It’s Pewd guys. He does not need me for the views.

The first thought she had after just watching the thumbnail was: she is doomed.

Oh my God! this is it. Now I’m the most hated personality on internet. The well loved person on the internet hates me too. this is the nail in my YouTube coffin.

Paytas Says She Is An Awful Person

Yes, she said it after watching PewDiePie’s video of her. Trisha Paytas says she cannot sit for long and feel sorry for herself. She has to face the people, the backlash. PewDiePie calling her a liar, manipulator, aggressive, abusive sparked the most out of her. People describe her with these terms but she never described herself like that. So, she will try to focus on this issue in her next therapy session. Trisha Paytas now realizes that she did not give her best to her ex-boyfriend; Jason Nash.

My goal moving forward is to just show people that I’m a good person.

Paytas also said sorry if she has hurt somebody. However, she has not exactly named the persons she had hurt. She hates how her brain sometimes makes her say and tweet nasty, below-the-belt things. That’s her least favorite thing about herself.

Here’s to hoping that she will recover in the coming days and improve herself.

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