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Kpop Mega Star Kai Impresses at Gucci Cruise 2020

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Gucci hosted it’s 2020 cruise show on Tuesday in Rome’s Capitoline Museum. And the only thing that we can remember from the show are not the clothes but a certain attendee. Kim Jongin, mostly popularly known as Kai from the biggest kpop group EXO, attended the event. The singer and dancer, sat in the front row and it’s safe to say that he was the star of the show.

Kai Trends Worldwide

Hundreds of fans waited outside for the kpop superstar to arrive. The moment that he did, all hell broke loose. The fans started chanting his name and screamed their lungs out as Kai made his way into the Museum. He waved and smiled, and the fans screamed louder and louder. In a matter of few minutes since his arrival, the hashtag #Kai_Gucci20 started trending on number 5 Worldwide. The hashtag trended at number 1 in Korea and Philippines and number 8 in UK. In total the hashtag trended in about 25 countries. In less than an hour  the hashtag rose to number 2 worldwide with more than 300,000 tweets. This is not the first time that Kai has attended a Gucci event. He attended last year’s Gucci cruise and Vogue named him the star of the show. 

Clad in an all Gucci ensemble from Gucci’s Fall 2019 men’s collection, Kai looked nothing less than an angel.

Also in attendance for the Gucci Cruise was Harry Styles.

Who is Kai?

Kai is the second youngest member of the biggest kpop group and perhaps one of the biggest groups of all time, EXO. He’s a dancer (read phenomenal dancer), singer, actor and a doting uncle. He’s known for his sharp dance moves and deathly expressions. The kpop superstar is also the brand ambassador for Gucci in Korea.

EXO is a kpop group under SM Entertainment. The group consists of 9 members in total. In the 7 years from their debut until now, the group has sold over 10 million albums and is known to have revived the physical album sales in South Korea.The group also has a total of 253 awards. EXO was the closing act for Olympics 2018. Their latest album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo and Love Shot are available on Spotify.

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