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Twenty One Pilots: “We’re Going to Destroy”

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Nowadays, Twenty One Pilots is not an uncommon name in the music industry, having amassed a large following over the years. But what most people don’t know is where the band came from and how they ended up successful. They weren’t always the iconic duo we know them as today.

In almost a decade of performing, the first gig Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph played together remains the most memorable, at least according to them.

Drummer Josh told BBC news:

We got one song in, and it got shut down by the police

It took place on a college campus, in “somebody’s backyard”, in their home state of Ohio.

Before the police came, I remember thinking how exhausted I was after one song. Over time you learn to budget energy within a set.

Meanwhile, now fans adore the duo for that very energy, which is channeled through their sets. It’s no surprise that most modern-day concerts already require loads of energy and dynamism in order to be entertaining and appealing for the crowd. And it seems like Twenty One Pilots has that aspect covered.

Speaking before their appearance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Middlesbrough, Twenty One Pilots said they’ve perfected their live show over time. As Tyler stated:

We figured out who we were in front of no-one. Every day we get on stage, we learn a little bit more.

Tyler was the founding member, with Josh joining in 2011 to create the duo that exists today. From then, they went on to release five musical albums and even won a Grammy. Moreover, Twenty One Pilots is preparing to headline Reading and Leeds later this year.

We feel prepared, we feel humbled, but at the same time we feel like we’re going to destroy.

It Took Hard Work for Twenty One Pilots

However, Twenty One Pilots stressed that there’s no such thing as overnight success. They have reached the position they are in today through years of dedication, consistency and hard work. Similar bands might have learned that the hard way.

We put in those hours and those years on stage learning how to talk to a crowd, how to relate to a crowd and how to put on a show.

Meanwhile, fans might still have to wait for new music as the band still continues to promote their fifth album, ‘Trench‘, having sold more than a million copies so far.

We’re not quite at the end of Trench yet. We’ve got more gigs through the rest of this year and through some of 2020 as well.

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