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See How Ashley Tisdale Hilariously Turns Taylor Swift’s ‘ME!’ Into a ‘High School Musical’ Meme

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Taylor Swift surprised us all when she released a new song earlier this year, called ‘ME!’.  As part of her upcoming 2019 album, the new track has already garnered a lot of attention. But what nobody saw coming is the light, pastel-colored, cotton candy marshmallow fluff theme that she chose to go with for the music. I mean, after her last album ‘Reputation’ and all the glorious darkness and drama associated with it, fans might’ve expected something similar. However, amusingly enough, TS went in the polar opposite direction. And of course, like always, managed to pull it off flawlessly.

Taylor Swift’s Iconic Song ‘ME!’

Naturally, ‘ME!’ broke a number of music industry records upon release, including the biggest 24-hour debut on YouTube. The video contains several clues (or “Easter Eggs” as called in the TS world) about her new music, including references to the album title.

Moreover, now that she’s back to doing press interviews, she was able to talk more about what the music means to her (something we pretty much had to guess on our own for ‘Reputation’). In a review, The Independent mentioned the song as a “bright new era” for Swift, suggesting that the new sound appears to “signal a time – at least one she intends on practicing – of positivity and acceptance”.

“The world is a dark enough place, she seems to say, without another album despairing at the state of it,” it said. ”She’d rather let the light in, instead.”

No wonder Taylor Swift is everybody’s role model; she never fails to act as a consistent source of positivity and hope for her listeners. A highly talented pop music artist, she has mastered the ability to express herself through her music, and everybody is here for it!

Ashley Tisdale Makes a ‘High School Musical’ Meme Out of It

Meanwhile, to fans’ entertainment, some celebrities seem to be having more fun than others with Taylor Swift’s ‘ME!’. On Saturday, Ashley Tisdale used her creative spirit to draw on some good old meme powers and turned the song into a ‘High School Musical’ meme.

Tisdale took to Instagram to upload a video of Swift and Brendon Urie performing ‘ME!’ with the audio replaced with her ‘High School Musical’ song, ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’.

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Sharpay & Ryan finally made it you guys!!

A post shared by Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) on

“Sharpay & Ryan finally made it you guys!!” she captioned the post. Tisdale starred as Sharpay alongside Lucas Grabeel as Ryan in the movie that came out in 2006.

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