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Hey Violet Drops New Song: ‘Close My Eyes’

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I’m sure you’ve heard about the pop band Hey Violet by now. Two years back, Hey Violet released ‘Guys My Age’ – as part of their second studio album – which went viral on the internet, collecting over 230 million global streams. And now, they’re back with what looks like the beginning of their third official album. Just last week, the young musicians including sisters Rena and Nia Lovelis and their best friend Casey Moreta dropped the first track from the anticipated new album, called ‘Close My Eyes‘. The visualizer for the track was released on YouTube.

‘Close My Eyes’: Track Review

The track ‘Close My Eyes’ is an emotional one, with a tune that’s mellow and sweet; something listeners can easily relax to. The lyrics are undeniably captivating, almost taking us into the world of the song, making us feel part of it:

“Parking lot on a dead end street…Same place that we used to meet”

The song is basically about an ex-lover you’re still not over and can’t help but think about:

“I close my eyes and I make believe…You’re the one that’s holding me”

Yes, we’ve all been there. From time to time, we tend to reminisce and miss the people from our past. And ‘Close My Eyes’ is a melody that takes you away to fantasy land but brings you back to reality at the same time.

Meanwhile, as the lead singer, Rena Lovelis puts it:

’Close My Eyes’ is essentially about living in a fantasy land. It’s about the idea of still wanting to be with an ex who has already moved on. There’s definitely a level of denial that goes into being in that sort of headspace because you’re basically rejecting the present reality and not allowing yourself to move forward. The song sounds very calm and chill but in the lyrical content there’s an air of tension because of that refusal to accept things as they are.

Well, Lovelis couldn’t have described it better. Undeniably, the song captures a rhythm which is upbeat, depicting the genre of dance music. Yet, at the same time, it doesn’t cease to act as the perfect melody to tune out to, such as when you’re travelling or perhaps just at night laying on your bed. ‘Close My Eyes‘ is one to remember long after it’s been heard, and we hope Hey Violet continues surprising us.

More about the Band

In case you’re not familiar with them, Hey Violet is an American pop rock band mainly based in LA, California. As their music proves, they have grown and evolved immensely since they first started the band back in 2008. A few members had to leave in the process (most recently Iain Shipp, accused of sexual assault), but Hey Violet’s fan base continues to show support and loyalty.

Moreover, I would say there are very few pop bands in 2019 that are as lyrically appeasing and musically talented as Hey Violet. With Nia Lovelis as the band’s dope drummer and Casey Moreta on the guitar (and obviously, Rena Lovelis as the polished lead singer), they make one hell of a team!

Upcoming Hey Violet Music

‘Close My Eyes’ is actually the second of four new tracks the band is set to release throughout the summer. The first, ‘Better By Myself’, was released in April. It depicts the aftermath of a past relationship, the words one may want to say to the ex in question. We see the same theme repeating in the new song ‘Close My Eyes’  but with a more melancholic and nostalgic touch. Meanwhile, you can watch the official video for ‘Better By Myself’ below:

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