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House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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My mother once caught me climbing out of the window a little after she asked me to clean my room *not joking*. We all know what a tedious job cleaning can be. So yeah, if you’ve stumbled upon this article, by some weird series of events, you’re in luck. Our following house cleaning tips and tricks will keep you alive!

1 Schedule it!

Schedule it!
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Don’t be a lazy couch potato and only clean when guests are arriving. So make time for it! Do some of the house cleaning daily, like kitchen and washrooms. Do the rest of the cleaning on alternate days. Make a house cleaning checklist and making cleaning your bitch.

2 One tool is enough for house cleaning

One tool is enough for house cleaning
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Don’t go all Monica Geller and have a separate tool for each area you clean. Just use the vacuum cleaner. It’s easy to handle, faster, and you look cool doing it!

3 Clean washroom like a pro

Clean washroom like a pro
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What you have to do is just grab a bag and hang it on the doorknob, and gather all the trash in it. Wash the toilet with a bowl of bleach, letting it stay there for about 5 minutes, and then wash it off. Mix water and vinegar in equal portions and wash everything that looks messy. We suggest listening to “Eye of the tiger” to feel empowered while doing it.

4 Microfiber all the way

Microfiber all the way
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This bad boy just came into house cleaning industry and has made headway for being economical, efficient and cool! Use microfiber towels and mop instead of those sloppy weird things that came before.

5 Remove the excessive products from your house

Remove the excessive products from your house
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We own a lot of crap we don’t need for house cleaning. So here are a few alternatives: use essential oils instead of air fresheners, regularly vacuuming the carpet instead of using a carpet cleaner, and a mixture of warm water, regular dishwashing soap, and a disinfectant to clean counters.

6 Laundry the right way

<span lang=Laundry the right way" />

We all have the famous big pile of clothes that mocks us for days begging for our attention. It gives you depression right. Well, you don’t have to fret over it. Firstly, skim out all the clothes, which don’t need to be washed every week, like your jeans and sweaters. Second, divide the clothes into the ‘very dirty’ and ‘normal dirty’ category. Use less detergent for the less dirty clothing. It’s just more efficient. Do it every week, and you’ll be fine.

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