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Chrissy Teigen Fell Down The Stairs But She’s Okay

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By this time now, Chrissy Teigen is known for sharing too much with her fans. We already know a lot about her- all the good, bad and embarrassing secrets are out in the open. But this time, her revelations about her life look downright painful. Teigen shared on her Twitter and Instagram that she fell down the stairs in her house. While the actress is maintaining a good sense of humor about the fall, the injury does seem serious. But that still does not prevent Chrissy from altering her hilarious blunt tone or unflinching honesty on social media.

While the first tweet was on a lighter note, the actress soon uploaded a video of her bruise. In her video, she claimed that she showed it since everyone kept asking to see it. But the actress was surrounded by other people in the room all unable to express how the bruise was. It seems like the actress is enjoying all the attention because she quietly whispered that it was worth it.

The exact details of why the accident happened are still unclear. On Friday morning, Chrissy Teigen uploaded stories about running errands, But other than that, there are no minute-to-minute details that might have led to this.

Fans seemed to be worried about Chrissy and are sending her best wishes and expressing concern. But others seemed to keep up with her humor questioning if John Legend pushed her down the stairs.

Well, whatever it was, let’s hope Chrissy recovers soon!

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