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Leonardo DiCaprio Won’t Let The Pangolins Go Extinct

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Academy winner Leonardo DiCaprio has always been on the forefront when it comes to combatting the global climate crisis or rescuing exotic species from the clutches of extinction.  DiCaprio, along with his charitable foundation makes regular headlines for his philanthropic gestures. Recently, DiCaprio donated $100 million to sponsor the fight against climate change. DiCaprio has also addressed UN sessions over the subject, where he championed for inducing bans on poaching and hunting. The actor rallies attention towards the constantly melting glaciers. And to score a touchdown with his philosophy, he has even produced a documentary on HBO. Environmental activism is an on-going process for Leonardo, who has now launched a new campaign to protect pangolins from their inevitable extinction.

Pangolin Crisis Fund: Save Pangolins Before Its Too Late

Pangolins are the most frequent commodity for global mammal trafficking. Poachers hunt pangolins down on sight to allow the lucrative illegal trade of their scales, meat, and body parts. In fact, the hunting rates for pangolins are so alarming that people even in their native regions barely ever see them or hear of them. The Save Pangolins organization has thus launched a campaign in partnership with the DiCaprio foundation to save the animals. The Pangolin Crisis Funds primarily intends to eliminate the issue’s root i.e. the demand. And then plans to fund legal against pangolin trafficking and poaching.

Rescuing Lions And Elephants

For the venture, Save Pangolins has joined hands with Leonardo DiCaprio and The Wildlife Conservation Network. Previously, the three organizations had joined forces to launch the Lion Recovery fund. The fund diverted 100% of its revenue to counter the decline in the population of African lions. Previously too, the organization had partnered with WCN to rescue elephants from extinction. Over the years, the funds have offered visible and viable support for saving wildlife on the brink of extinction.

Leonardo DiCaprio And His Foundation Struggle For Wildlife Conservation

WCN and Save Pangolins are both grateful to Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for sponsoring the PCF. Following the International Biodiversity Day, the Foundation is moving forward with its conservatory plans for unique and endangered wildlife. Apart from pangolins, the foundation is also seeking solutions to rescue various threatened species of turtles. Leonardo DiCaprio is calling for support to help him curb global illegal pangolin trade. There is no time to lose, we have to save pangolins. It is their watershed moment.

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