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DCU Streaming Service Extends Superhero Originals With Swamp Thing

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DCU is gearing up to roll out yet another superhero fair this month, exclusively on its streaming service. Based on the DC comics character of the same name, Swamp Thing will explore the mysterious, surreal journey of its lead duo Abby Arcane and Alec Holland as they attempt to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus. Swamp Thing will premiere on the DC streaming service May 31st; thus becoming the third show to join the network’s list of originals. DCU Titans live action, DCU Doom Patrol

Swamp Thing: Designing DC’s Organic Superhero

The Swamp Thing, a humanoid-herbage monster, first appeared in the 92nd issue of the DC comic anthology, House of Secrets. Ther vegetative-superhero later went to land himself a solo series, before bagging numerous films, TV-series, and animated series between the 70s’ and the 90s’. A product of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson’s creative genius, The Swamp Thing is primarily an animated anthropomorphic mound of vegetable matter, a monster that will not relent in its efforts to protect its territory, the swamp. 

The Swamp Thing On DCU Streaming Service: Cast And Crew

In a contemporary era, Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman have summoned the monster to topline their superhero-horror saga. Acclaimed producer James Wan is helming the project, while the Underworld filmmaker, Len Wiseman is guiding the pilot. The Swamp Thing on the DCU streaming service has recruited a glorious ensemble of seasoned actors for its main cast. Power fame Andy Bean will portray Swamp Thing’s human counterpart, Alec Holland. Stuntman Derek Mears, on the other hand, will step into Beans’ shoes to render some Swamp action. In addition to Holland and Mears, Teen Wolf star Crystal Marie Reed will also topline the show as Dr. Abby Arcane. DCU Titans live action, DCU Doom Patrol

Apart from the title characters, Swamp Thing will also feature Will Paton as the antagonist Avery Sunderland. Danish actress Maria Sten will play Liz Tremayne, Arcane’s friend, and confidante. Virginia Madsen and Henderson Wade will play the mysterious characters of  Maria Sunderland and Matt Cable respectively. Swamp Thing will also star Canadian actor and Singer, Kevin Surge Durand, Jason Woodrue aka. Floronic Man. 

The Show Will Not Overlap With Titans Or Doom Patrol On The DCU Streaming Service

Although Swamp Thing is also an integral part of the DC stables, its narrative will not be tied to Titans or Doom Patrol. Unlike the other gothic superhero sagas on the DCU streaming service, Swamp Thing will move independently in terms of storytelling. Although DCU video-on-demand had commissioned Swamp Thing for a 13-episode order, differences between the streaming platform and production company Warner Media caused the season order to slim down to merely 10 episodes. Apart from Warner Bros, Atomic Monster Productions is also producing Swamp Thing.  DCU Titans live action, DCU Doom Patrol

The Plot

Swamp Thing will follow puzzling and eerie events occurring in the town of Houma, Louisiana. As, Abby Arcane returns home to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus, where she develops a bond with scientist Alec Holland. Holland; however, tragically dies during the research. Arcane later discovers the mysteries of the swamp and even finds out that Holland may not be dead after all.

Swamp Thing premieres on the DCU streaming service May, 31st. It will release new episodes every week until late August. DCU Titans live action, DCU Doom Patrol

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