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Luna Legend Declares Ariana Grande As The Better Singer Than John Legend

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No one will humble John Legend more than his own family. This especially holds true when John’s old daughter Luna Legend made it clear to her father that Ariana Grande was a better singer than him. Based on that statement, it can be reasonably deduced that the three-year-old would preferThank You, Next” over “Written in the Stars”.

Luna Legend Doesn’t Think John Legend is “a great singer”

Luna has stated this about her father’s singing:

“You are not a great singer”

The mandate on her dad’s voice has not just been surprising, but downright hilarious. Westworld actor Jeffrey Write took his twitter handle to retweet John Legend’s tweet with a shocked emoji followed by a laughing one.

But Hasn’t She Heard the Grande-Legend Duet?

Of course Ariana Grande’s songs have that charismatic feminine and low-key playful vibe to it that captivates any listener, especially if you are a girl. From her fashion sense to her straight up on-point dance moves, Ariana Grande has almost left no girl uninspired by her aesthetic. But does that diminish John Legend’s talent?

Looks like Luna Legend needs to hear the captivating Grande-Legend Beauty and the beast duet, if she already hasn’t. The mesmerizing tone that Disney’s magic brings along with the two singer’s vocal charm makes it a perfect song to hit any young girl’s playlist. Ariana Grande is definitely loved for adding the perfect enchantment to make it fit for a Disney princess song. But perhaps it’ll let Luna’s dad earn some brownie points too, wouldn’t it?

With exception of the innocent remarks Luna Legend has made, it would be absolutely unfair to underrate the skills of the singer. He’s a great vocalist not just due to an incredibly melodious voice but a voice that comes from the heart. John Legend is known to infuse his work with a myriad of honest emotions like Ordinary People and All Of Me. The singer does not just merely have a good voice, in fact, John Legend sings like he means it all.

Luna Legend Probably Takes After Chrissy Teigen

This is not the first time John has been humbled by his family. Chrissy Teigen has taken her twitter handle to tweet about her relationship with John and her revelations have been absolutely hilarious.

When Chrissy Teigen actually saved John Legend:

When Chrissy Teigen got hold of John’s SECOND PHONE:

When John secretly wanted to be a rapper

When John watched “Thunder Games” instead of “The Hunger Games”

Legend Has a Very Happening Life Indeed

John Legend may have had his hit single “All of Me” hit number one on Billboard Hot 100. But that does not mean his beloved family can’t humble him from time to time.

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