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Jeff Ross Teaches History By Roasting Historical Figures In New Netflix Show

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Netflix is on a roll. There’s a trailer one after the other and our list of shows to binge watch is getting longer and longer day by day. Though we’re not complaining. Bring it on Netflix! And the platform is bringing it on and this time with roasts from the roast master Jeff Ross. His new show “Historical Roasts With Jeff Ross” will be a history lesson but not the boring one you had to endure in high school.

Details on Historical Roasts With Jeff Ross

Recently Netflix dropped another trailer for it’s latest original series, Historical Roasts With Jeff Ross. The show is going to be hosted by the American stand-up comedian and actor, Jeff Ross. Historical Roasts began as a small Los Angeles-based comedy show, before OBB Pictures CEO Michael D. Ratner saw a live performance and then brought on Jeff Ross on board. Ratner has said,

For anything in the roast space to feel authentic, you’ve got to bring it to Jeff

Together they’ve formatted a show where a panel of historical figures would be roasted by their contemporaries. The show premieres on May 27th on Netflix.

History Lesson For the Millennials

Savage comebacks and roasting in general are personality traits for every millennial out there. So what better way to learn history than to roast all those historical figures and events. The show is going to see Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Martin Luther King and many more historical figures get roasted by the best roaster in town, Jeff Ross.

Jeff has roasted pop culture figures such as Justin Bieber and Pamela Anderson, and when asked about his shift to historical figures, Jeff said

Nothing is off-limits because no one’s going to complain. I notice dead people don’t complain as much,

Ratner who co-wrote and directed the episode on Muhammad Ali has said that the goal of the show was not only to use history for comedy but also bring the events of the past on the present. In his very own words,

We really did look at this thing like a history lesson for millennials

So now when someone says you’re wasting your time on Netflix, just tell them that you’re taking a history lesson.

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