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Sivan Alyra Rose, TV’s First Native American Lead, Strives For Inclusion With Chambers On Netflix

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Even if a Native American lands a career at Hollywood, they always come to a professional crossroads where they must pick between a sustainable stereotyped run or their cultural integrity. Social and economic prejudices against Native Americans still remains a de facto element of American society. And this is exactly the issue, The Chambers’ star Sivan Alyra Rose is here to address – and resolve.  MCU Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, Netflix Chambers, Netflix Chambers Renewed, Cancelled, Season 2

Sivan Alyra Rose – TV’s First Ever Native American Lead

Breaking stereotypes, Sivan Alyra Rose hopped on the eerie Chambers‘ bandwagon. Thus, becoming the first-ever native American to headline a TV-series. While this is only the first step towards the start of a revolution, it did not happen without a tough struggle. Rose grew up in a highly marginalized community dwelling on the San Carlos Apache reservation. And she did not expect herself to live long enough to see her dreams become reality. Rose puts the blame the little Native American Energy in Hollywood for the lack of inclusive opportunities. In fact, the actress wasn’t even able to land a role in the Netflix horror show Chambers with her first audition. Mark Ruffalo, Chambers Netflix Renewed Cancelled Season 2

“I didn’t think I was going to be here at this age. I had goals and dreams and aspirations. But they felt like [only] goals, dreams, and aspirations. All I really wanted to do was find some independence and maybe go back to school. I wasn’t really hellbent on the fame and glory of Los Angeles.”

Eventually; however, the tables turned for Sivan Alyra Rose as she found a direction in life with her new show. Rose then realized that she was able to depict a character without compromising on her Native identity, and she was able to be proud of who she was.

How The Netflix Teen Horror Drama Chambers Is Helping In Making TV More Inclusive For Native Americans

Sivan Alyra Rose is happy that her Netflix show, Chambers is doing a great job at presenting an unbiased view of contemporary Native Americans in the USA. In addition to predominantly Native cast and crew, the show has also hired cultural consultants to maintain a degree of narrative accuracy. Rose also marvels at the fact that the cultural practices showcased on Netflix Chambers will make people reflect on their origins. Mark Ruffalo, Netflix Chambers

Rose Says:

Chambers definitely does a good job of showing ‘Yeah, [these traditions] came from somewhere, and it’s not what you think it is.”

Luckily, Rose isn’t alone in her struggle, as MCU’s very own Hulk, Mark Ruffalo is championing her rightful campaign. And together, the stars are ready to make a revolutionary change. The Actor has also tweeted in support of the actress, saying that “Representation Matters”.

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