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HBO Rolls Out Trailer For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Documentary Ice On Fire

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Oscar-winner and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio captures the various global solutions to combat climate crisis in the trailer for the new HBO documentary Ice on Fire. HBO rolled out the trailer for its upcoming documentary Wednesday, coinciding with International Biodiversity Day i.e. May 22. The documentary series has DiCaprio as both its narrator and producer, while Lelia Conners is the director. Along with Leonardo DiCaprio, George DiCaprio and Mathew Schmid have also produced the factual film.

Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Hands With Leila Conners For Ice On Fire

Ice On Fire will mark Conners’ second collaboration with DiCaprio. Their first documentary titled The 11th Hour was released 11 years ago. Unlike The 11th Hour, Ice On Fire offers hope for decreasing the effects of global warming, instead of emphasizing on the nature of the problem. Ice on Fire projects its lens on the diverse research methods that are striving to eliminate today’s ever-escalating environmental crisis. These methods may involve never-seen-before innovations, scientific discoveries, and modifications of present systems to increase their sustainability.

Advanced Solutions To Combat Global Climate Crisis

Leonardo DiCaprio brings attention to the most pressing climatic issue: Melting polar ice caps.

The melting of the world’s snow and ice has now triggered multiple climate tipping points, especially increasing levels of methane. Scientists have discovered solutions, giving us a chance at reversing climate change. But the clock is ticking.

In a press release, Leonardo DiCaprio stated that he worked with his parents to give ambitious environmentalists a voice. Farmers, scientists, and innovators are regularly engineering effective solutions to help the Earth out of its most dire dilemma. Rendering them global representation will, thus; bring their genius to the foreground.

Innovations, Discoveries, Modifications: A Hopeful Global Perspective

The filmmakers had travelled all over the world in search of inspiring ecological initiatives. With its wide-ranging cinematography, Ice On Fire depicts environmental initiatives from Norway to Alaska, Iceland to Colorado, Switzerland to Costa Rica to Connecticut. For the films, the team visited reforestation projects, community gardens, and underwater kelp farms. They also studied closely several recent inventions in the field including machines that pull CO2 from the air and convert it into rocks.

Ice on Fire importantly points out the financial and political prospects of innovative environmental solutions. The risks are indeed taxing. But greater profits will be obtained if the problem is dealt timely.

Ice On Fire premieres June 11th, only on HBO.

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