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Busy Phillips Protests The Abortion Ban

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It has been some time since the Georgia abortion ban was formed, but Hollywood is still throwing major fire at it. The bill claims that it would outlaw abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. The bill includes exceptions for rape and incest (only if a woman files a police report) or to save the life of the mother. Many celebrities, both male and female including Jameela Jamil and Joe Jonas have spoken up. While everyone is slamming the law for taking away women’s right to decide things about their body. there has been no counter action from the state.

Busy Phillips remains the latest actress to join the line of celebrities bashing the abortion ban. Similar to Jameela Jamil, she has discussed her abortion without having any regrets or shame.

Busy Phillips Speaks Up About Abortion Following Georgia Abortion Ban

On her own talk show, Busy Tonight Phillips decided to discuss her personal experiences with abortion. Later, when this bill was passed, she took to Twitter to initiate the ‘You Know Me’ movement’ asking other women to speak up about their own abortions. She even explained why she chose the topic for her show elaborating on how she refuses to idly watch as authoritative figures strip away women’s rights from them.

Busy Phillips also participated in the ‘Stop the Bans’ protests taking place all across the country. She took to Instagram to share a picture from the protest thanking everyone who showed up. She expressed how sad she was to be at a point where she had to protest for this. But Phillips clarified that would never be tired of fighting for women’s rights.

She encouraged people to keep joining the protests because they needed bodily autonomy. Women themselves should make the decision of having to carry a baby or not. Phillips added that there could never be equality unless the autonomy was granted.

Other celebrities protesting against this bill include Alyssa Milano, Joe Jonas, Lady Gaga, Rihanna among many others.

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