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Zoe Sugg Reminds Us To Check In With People

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The YouTuber Zoe Sugg is the latest addition to all the celebrities who have spoken up about mental health. But looks like she is doing more than just spreading awareness; her positive message is a lesson in itself. While everything you hear about mental health might be focused on checking onto our loved ones, Zoe has added an important pointer to the check list- a person’s own self. In fact, she has even highlighted how social media might play a negative role in all of this.

However, fans might be curious to see if Sugg’s mental health post has anything to do with all the latest drama surrounding the YouTube community.

Zoe Sugg Shares Positive Message on Social Media Regarding Mental Health

Sugg took to Instagram to remind people the significance of checking in on their own selves. And that includes learning how they feel, how can they change it, and whether or not they are taking things in too fast. She added how doing this to our self should always be accompanied by checking in on others. It might just provide the other person with an opportunity to know that someone cares so they can share what might be troubling them. Sugg’s positive message is essentially important in today’s time and age because she believes that social media has been creating a false illusion of life for us. Somebody’s statuses and pictures might indicate that they are having the time of their life. But that might not be the real case. In either case, we should always check in on people.

Zoe Sugg continued to emphasize on how everyone should try taking out a few minutes from their schedules just for this. In fact, she suggested that we should also make similar efforts with the friends who might seem stronger on the outside. She believes that this might be a much better opportunity to talk and share rather than keeping track of friends from social media posts.

She concluded her post wondering how everyone on her feed was doing for real.

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It’s important that we check in with ourselves regularly and think about how we’re feeling, what we could change & whether we need to slow down a little bit. Not only is it important we do this for ourselves, it’s just as vital to ask how others are feeling too. It could be just the right moment for someone who is struggling to feel they can open up. We often forget to check in on people (especially with social media where someone’s life can look like a best bits highlight reel, it’s so much easier to hide how we’re really feeling, and in turn, harder for friends or family to notice too). . . [“OHHH how lovely, I’ve just seen on Sally’s Instagram she had a fabulous meal out this evening, what a nice day she must be having”. – yet sally might be having the worst day ever! We’re all a little guilty of this]. . Please take a couple of minutes out to check on those you love, even the seemingly strong ones. If we all took a bit more time to check in on people, ask them how they’re feeling, how their day was regardless of what they’ve posted on social media, we’ll create more opportunity for others to talk & open up. . With that being said, I just wanted to take a moment to ask: HOW ARE YOU? Like REALLY? ??? #mentalhealthawarenessweek

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With the latest positive message, fans are realizing how much they miss seeing her vlogs.

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