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Rose McGowan Condemns Active Sex Trafficking At Cannes 2019

We need to talk about this elephant in the room.

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The month of May is here and so is the Cannes Festival. It is an annual routine when a stimulating influx of aspiring, ambitious women arrive at Cannes to transform their big screen dreams into reality. But every time they are there, some gross predator uses their naivety and vulnerability to his own advantage.  Even after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and a sweeping #MeToo rage, The Cannes film festival has not been cleansed of its sex trafficking crisis. The original Charmed series alum Rose McGowan; however, is in no mood to make peace with the Cannes’ desperate crimes. And the actress has openly called out Cannes Film Festival 2019 for its inadequate and ineffective sex-offense policing.

The Sex Trafficking At Cannes Festival

Meeting alone with directors or producers after or during the Cannes Film Festival before the 2017 #MeToo era wasn’t quite a deal. Several leading U.S. film companies would book top-notch rooms in magnificent hotels around the French Rivera. They’d then go on to invite females to these rooms, mostly under the guise of discussing deals or signing agreements and using the booked rooms as makeshift offices. Next, the disgraced predators would make every non-consensual move towards their susceptible clients.

The preferred actresses were mostly teenagers and belonging to different nationalities (other than the U.S.). Moving on, they were cast for the smallest roles in movies just to get their legal entry into the U.S. It was the easiest masked trafficking ever. These actresses were then lent out to the powerful industry men for sexual services. In case the women said No, they were threatened for their visa being revoked. Resultantly, the women never went to the police or said No to the services.

It was; in fact, a similar ‘meeting’ between Kadian Noble and Harvey Weinstein that first brought Cannes’ sex-trafficking issue to the foreground. And this highly-publicized scandal along with allegations against Weinstein’s other wrongdoings that eventually became the touchstone for the #MeToo movement.

Rose McGowan Vs. Sex Trafficking Predators

Even after #MeToo’s wide-ranging, ruthless and rigorous scouring; Cannes’ sex trafficking issue still remains a sad, but de-facto reality. As for the Cannes Film Festival 2019, the glitz and glamour struggled to keep the gala’s’ participants’ attention off its harsh realities. Yet, the actress, Rose McGowan managed to divert global attention back to the film fest’s ugliest dilemmas.

Quoting a recent Hollywood Reporter article on the same subject, McGowan has actively called out the Cannes Film Festival 2019 for its failure in addressing its sex-trafficking crisis. Rose McGowan states that she is currently in Cannes, and the sex-trafficking problem is uglier than ever.

Celebrities Come Out In Support Of Rose McGowan

McGowan is receiving tremendous support for her audacious statements. In fact, the activist has inspired a few other celebrities to step-up and actively condemn the issue.

English TV personality, Nadia Essex seconds the honest confessions about the Cannes Film Festival 2019 made by Rose McGowan. The dating expert has even detailed her own friends’ experiences in response to McGowan’s tweet.

Nadia Essex herself is in a court-case with Blackman and the Celebs Go Dating show’s producers Lime Pictures for unfair dismissal from the show.

Rose McGowan Is One Of Harvey Weinstein’s Victims

Rose McGowan is one of the several women who accused now-disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. McGowan had even gone ahead to accuse Weinstein of rape. McGowan had reported Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior to Amazon Studios. But instead of helping her out, Studio head Roy Price dropped McGowan’s project at the network. There were charges against Price too, which eventually led him to resign from his post. McGowan has also released a book titled Brave where she has her sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein.

Cannes’ sex-trafficking issue lacks resolution mostly because victims do not often come up and report the atrocities they have suffered. The crime is highly underreported. But with celebrities rallying vigourously against the issue, change is inevitable.


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