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Debby Ryan Helps Rain forest with Purple Hair

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The environment of the planet is deteriorating each passing day especially as many important species of plants and animals are getting extinct. But it seems like many celebrities are rising up to save the day on this occasion. Previously, we saw actors like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds attempt to protect the planet, and looks like someone else may have joined the league now. It is evident that actress Debby Ryan now has a greater thought behind dying her hair purple; something that goes beyond fashion. With the biodiversity Day coming up, she is attempting to help protect rain forests. In fact, she is urging everyone to do the same!

Debby Ryan Urges Followers to Save Rain Forests By Changing Hair to Purple

Debby Ryan took to Instagram to share a picture of herself in purple hair locks. Although naturally, we assumed it was a fashion move which the actress is brilliantly carrying off, the caption revealed otherwise. Ryan revealed that they were actually attempting to protect rain forests. To be specific, they wanted to save 3 species in 30 days. And for that, she was loving her new purple hair job.

The post continued with Debby urging her followers to post pictures of them with purple hair. They didn’t have to necessarily dye it. But anything including chalk and filter to make it look purple for the picture would work too. The new movement #PurpleForThePlanet aimed to protect 5 acres of rain forest for every picture shared. This would continue until Biodiversity Day on 22nd May.

It seems like Debby Ryan found a way to allow her followers to look cute and magical while playing their role in protecting the environment of this Earth.

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