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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Finale: No Sigil Stands Atop The Iron Throne In Opening Credits

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Everyone was playing Sherlock with the whole Game Of Thrones Season 8; the final season of the most-loved TV series. And we are jumping on the bandwagon. Fans came up with the most interesting and most creative theories that even the creators couldn’t imagine. Well, since they couldn’t imagine it, therefore, it didn’t actually happen in the series. All the imagined twists and turns remained in our creative minds sadly. On contrary, the creators’ idea of series finale was exactly the opposite of the theories. It was plain yet beautiful. Well, coming back to the Sherlock thingy, we noticed something in the opening credits of the Episode 6 (the final episode) of Game of Thrones season 8: there is no Sigil behind the iron throne.

Previous Opening Credits Of Season 8

Opening credits of Game of Thrones season 8 were changed since first episode. There is a whole new sequence of openings re-edits which departs from the opening credits of previous seasons. The opening credits showed the Westeros from a camera’s point-of-view around a map and it used to regularly change to reflect locations that might be significant that season. In the season 8 intro, it highlights the path taken by the undead army of White Walkers. It basically starts off where the season 7 ended i.e. the broken wall which was partially destroyed by the Night King and zombie Viserion.

Cutting the story short, when the camera turns to King’s Landing, it travels down into the basement where all of the dragon skulls are kept. The scene refers to episode 4 with 2 dragons and one mother of dragon facing off with Euron Greyjoy’s fleet. Next, we see the Great Hall where the Iron Throne is. A Lannister Sigil remains atop the iron throne as Cersei Lannister was on that throne during the first 5 episodes.

Opening Credits | Game Of Thrones Season 8 Finale

So, the creators changed the opening credits for final episode of season 8. That makes sense since Cersei Lannister died in episode 5. However, the creators kept the sigil empty in the opening credits for season 8 episode 6. They were not planning to spoil the ending of the series. Give D&D the credit where it is due.

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