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Game of Thrones Series Finale Leaves Room For Redemption Of Its Most Devastating Death

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In the series’ brutal, penultimate episode ‘The Bells’, Game Of Thrones fans came to understand that the big-ticket epic will not give them the happy ending they had hoped for all along. Once Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) had roasted King’s Landing ferociously to its very ashes, it became clear that letting her sit on the throne was never a part of the “Bittersweet” plan. Nevertheless, its all done. The Game Of Thrones series finale has conclusively set a lot of things right, allowing for a satisfying culmination of the grand Emmy giant. Lets breakdown the most important puzzle from the series’ end.

Game Of Thrones Series Finale: RIP Khaleesi

REST IN PEACE, DAENERYS STORMBORN OF HOUSE TARGARYEN, HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE, QUEEN OF THE ANDALS AND THE FIRST MEN, PROTECTOR OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS, MOTHER OF DRAGONS, KHALEESI OF THE GREAT GRASS SEA, THE UNBURNT, BREAKER OF CHAINS. For a while she was there, Khaleesi meant well. Although her actions and decisions were not often well-timed, Daenerys Targaryen proved herself as a capable leader and a ruthless crusader. The highs to Emilia Clarke’s character spoke greater volumes than most of its major lows. And even though the Game Of Thrones series finale insisted on her to be remembered as a fallen anti-heroine, Targaryen will surely have more pages in her biography for raising dragons, freeing slaves, and walking out of burning pyres, etc.

Whatever the case may be with her whole character arc, Daenerys’ death is something highly mysterious and murky. Daenerys died with a single stab of her nephew/ lover’s (Jon Snow) dagger. And the first creature to spot her dead body was her very own monster baby, Drogon. Instead of turning to its mother’s killer for vengeance, Drogon Dracarys-ed the Iron Throne, which it had logically assumed to be the torch-bearer for the entire conflict.

Will Drogon Help Resurrect Daenerys Targaryen aka. Emilia Clarke?

The Dragon; however, doesn’t stop here. Once the fire-show had elapsed, Drogon scoops up Daenerys and flies off for parts unknown.  When Jon Snow died in one of the shows’ previous seasons, Melisandre jolted life back into his corpse. She, of course, lent the blessing of The Lord Of The Light R’hllor to do so. This was much similar like the multiple resurrections of Beric by the Thoros of Myr. So, now when we talk about Daenerys. Is it possible that the Lord of Light still has a disciple somewhere out in the wild? Someone who can breathe life back into Dany? Will some red priest/ priestess come to her rescue much as Melisandre (Carice van Houten) came for Jon? We will probably never know, but feel free to hold onto the dream.

Game Of Thrones | Prequels In The Making

There would have been more opportunities for Daenerys to be brought back from the dead, had George R.R. Martin hinted towards a single sequel. At the moment, there are currently three prequels smoothly moving forward. One of these is reportedly titled Bloodmoon. While it is unlikely that HBO would pick up more than one, it can at least be safely said that The Game of Thrones series finale is certainly not the end for the franchise.

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