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Elizabeth Warren Will Help Ashley Nicole Black Fix Her Love Life

Very Thoughtful Indeed. But Some Help Here Too

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A second term senator with a scholarly background, Elizabeth Warren has a plan for all of America’s problems. She has proposed a Green New Deal to combat the climate crisis, she has ideas to make public colleges free. And of course, she will get U.S. forces to withdraw their troops from other nations where they aren’t needed. Provided such a resolution-oriented presidential candidate for the 2020 Elections, it looks like she can fix everything for America’s citizens. Ashley Nicole Black, a comedian, saw this as an opportunity to ask Elizabeth Warren to help her in her love life.

Ashley Rooting For A Blue America

Black not only has great comic timing and wit but is also fairly political! The comedian helmed scripts for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee until early this year. Thus, she remains loudly vocal about her support for the 2020 Presidential Elections’ Democratic candidates.

In particular, she is supporting Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren due to their thoughtful policies and agendas. Black recently applauded the Democratic candidates for their conjunctive efforts in “working out cool ideas”. She has publicly appreciated Kamala Harris for trying to fix teacher’s pay gap. Additionally, Black has also announced her support for Elizabeth Warren’s abortion platform. Due to Warren’s great ideas and solution skills, Ashley had another idea.

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Help Ashley Nicole Black With Her Love Life

Recently she jokingly tweeted about if Warren could help her solve her love life, given she has effectively proven herself as a problem-solver.

Subsequently, in a sudden unexpected turn of events, Elizabeth Warren reassured that she’s here to help everyone with all their problems! No voices shall remain unheard.

The senator quickly tweeted back her willingness to aid Black in making her love life less miserable. The response had Black amused, who clearly hadn’t expected Warren to observe her tweets.

Ashley Nicole Black quickly responded to Warren’s tweet with gratitude, pronouncing the senator as her pick for the 2020 Presidential Elections. And obviously, she added a hashtag, telling the world that #Shehasaplan.

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