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5 Classical Music Bands That Broke Up

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The music industry has its fair share of amazing artists and bands that have the world with music we can use to escape the bullshit that is life. Sadly, though, some really great classical music bands have broken up, and somehow it affected us more than our high school breakups.

1 Beady Eye

Beady Eye
Source: Consequence of sound

Beady Eye, the band that gave us the uniquely soothing songs such as “The Roller” and “Bring me the Light “perfectly combined the best of indie rock and alternative rock. This classical music band broke up in 2014 after Liam Gallagher had the realization that the band wasn’t going to work out. There weren’t getting any gigs, and everyone in the band was a lazy ass. But Liam Gallagher and his famous brother from their previous band “Oasis”, still do solo songs, which are worth checking out.

2 The Clash

The Clash
Source: Bombed Out

In the start of 1980, this punk rock band was the most famous band known for its “rebellious” brand image. Two of the main bandmates Mick Jones and Joe Strummer were arrested for a variety of minor felonies such as stealing pillowcases (lol yes) to just ruining public property. But this band was also passionate about social causes, which gave it much popularity. However, there were always differences between bandmates, as several members kept leaving and coming back. Joe Strummer ended up kicking Jones out of the band. Strummer was given a job by his uncle but the band was no longer the same.

3 The Verve

The Verve
Source: Sentireascoltare

The Verve is like Ross and Rachel. Why? Well, it keeps going on and off. The audience doesn’t know what to expect. The main problem was the band’s guitarist Nick McCabe having a drinking problem, which they tried to solve in 2009 when they got back together after the first split. But, following the music industry’s theme of chaos, the band was never stable. There was drugs, fights, lawsuits to be blamed.

4 Guns N Roses (The best damn classical music band ever)

Guns N Roses (The best damn classical music band ever)
Source: Tone Deaf

The best damn classical music band ever with its distinctive rock and roll and music also fell culprit to the curse of rock and roll. The reason for the band’s success was also the reason for its downfall: Axl Rose. He didn’t know what the hell to do with the band and made crazy decisions, which constantly pissed his bandmates off. Even though only one original band member remains, it’s not the same band as all of the main members departed.

5 R.E.M

Source: Rolling Stone

Peter Buck, the main guitarist, left the band after it became more about handling the business in regards to the band instead of actually playing classical music. He talked about how much he hated doing in an interview with Rolling stone, which seems more like a therapy session because boy did Buck bitch about the shittiness of music industry.

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