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Tati Westbrook Announces Hiatus in New Video

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Following the severing of ties with former friend James Charles, Tati Westbrook has been on a YouTube hiatus. In the first video titled Bye Sister, Tati expressed how Charles had hurt her and disrespected their friendship. But then, she decided to lay off posting more videos because she was still hurt. However, through this break of hers, Charles continued to suffer as he not just lost more than 3 million followers, but former friends like Jeffree Star publicly shaded him. Hate became pretty intense all over the internet, and Tati decided to step in another time. With another 18-minute long video, she decided to clear the air on why she exposed Charles in the first place. But she insisted for the hate and drama against James Charles to stop already.

Tati Westbrook Addresses Why She Exposed James Charles

Naturally, Tati was becoming a target of criticism with people claiming that she exposed James Charles for money and following. Well, that might have worked out well since her channel gained millions of subscribers while Charles lost too many following the video. However, she denies this to be the reason in her 18-minute long latest video titled Why I Did It. 

Looking teary-eyed and visibly upset, the Halo Beauty owner claimed that she wanted all this drama to come to an end already. She referred to different people choosing sides between her and Charles, using abusive language, throwing shade at either of the parties involved or creating memes to further instigate the drama. She added that she never did it for the followers because she does not need their sympathy or a ‘Team Tati’ to come into existence.

Tati Westbrook continued that she never wanted to cancel or take down James Charles. If that would have been her intention, he could have said yes to all the interview offers she was receiving on different networks. But all her original video attempted to do was wake up Charles because she loved him, and did not want him to proceed making bigger mistakes. In fact, she wants to clear the air up with him. But unfortunately, Tati has been unable to reach to him.

Tati concluded her video claiming that she wants to take a break from posting so much. Currently, she posts about three times every week. But she wondered that,

This is forcing me to really look at what really matters. And, is working so much really worth it? Is doing all this at such a speed really worth it?

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