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Shane Dawson Refuses to be Involved in Tati Westbrook and James Charles Drama

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The Tati Westbrook and James Charles feud has unraveled all over the internet. While many YouTube stars including Jeffree Star have publicly sided with Westbrook, others seem to be less involved. But amidst all this, the 19-year old makeup guru has suffered intense losses both to his reputation, and follower count. In a hope to settle it all, the godfather of YouTubers Shane Dawson has stepped in. While he has brought the positive side of many controversial YouTubers including Jake Paul and Jeffree Star into public eyes, it seems like its time for Dawson to save James and his reputation. Although this time, he can not make a documentary to expose James’ side of the story, he has still delivered a positive message to the public.

Who is Shane Dawson Supporting in the Tati Westbrook and James Charles Feud?

To be completely honest, Dawson still seems to remain neutral. Not even once has he publicly bashed James Charles over anything that Tati Westbrook might have shared. But naturally, since he promoted Tati’s Halo Beauty Products and uploaded pictures with Westbrook, the interned seemed to believe he is on her side too. The reports claiming that Dawson joined Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes in un-following Charles on social media were completely false.

However, it’s evident that Dawson is completely done with the drama surrounding YouTube. Well, he is not the only one. Miranda Sings also shared a video targeting all YouTubers and explaining the real thing with exposing and canceling others on the platform. As for Shane, he took to social media to share his unhappiness with the whole situation. He expressed that he felt sad at waht’s happening. Although the YouTuber believes there is an essential need to humble down some people, he still does not seem to enjoy watching them as they go through it. Shane Dawson did not refer to anything particular but fans seemed to think it was a reference to the public humiliation Charles has been facing ever since Tati Westbrook made her initial video.

Shane continued that watching all this drama was making him sick. So, he wanted to focus on spreading positivity to others and bringing happiness. For that, he shared some tips on what people could do by claiming that,

end a nice text to a friend today. Give someone a hug. Tweet a link to ur favorite music video. I dunno… Something nice. I feel like we all need that right now.

Being an influential YouTuber, this might help in taking some of the heat off James Charles in the current situations.

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