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Five Robert Pattinson Movies You Should Definitely Watch

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Though you might not like to admit it now, but all of us were big Robert Pattinson fans during his Twilight days. We for sure were team Edward and good for us because our shining vampire is now a billionaire vigilante. The former twilight star has been cast as the new Batman. However, there are many who don’t think it’s a good choice. For those people and for everyone else, we’ll like to share the actor’s best performances.

High Life

We’ll start the list with Robert’s latest work. High Life is an acclaimed sci-fi thriller about prisoners who are sent to the far reaches of space, towards a black hole, and subjected to scientific experiments. The Los Angles Times reviewed the movie and has praised Pattinson for his impeccable acting.


Based on the same-named novel by Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis isn’t the most well-known or most acclaimed movie of Pattinson’s. But it’s that one movie which will make it easier for everyone to picture him playing Bruce Wayne. Cosmopolis is a movie shown through the eyes of Eric Packer, a billionaire who wanders around Manhattan with no clear sense of direction or purpose as he inquires the meaning of life from others.

The Rover

In Rover, Robert said no the low-key Robert Pattinson and brought out the diversity and range he possess as an actor. Pattinson in Rover had a hard job to do. But he did his part fantastically. Playing a slack-jawed, mostly empty-headed Rey was a hard character to play and that too at a time when no one was ready to take the actor seriously. But Pattinson came through.

The Rover is an Australian Dystopian movie and a quest to find a stolen car.

 The Childhood of a Leader

Pattinson really took out his acting chops for this one. The Childhood of a Leader follows the story of a child who slowly becomes corrupted as a result of outside influences following World War I. This movie was a tough watch. When watching this, we almost forgot that Robert had ever played the stoic expressionless Edward Cullen! Through a wordless performance that nevertheless captures its intended intensity, Robert Pattinson’s performance showcased a whole new side of the actor that was rarely seen before.

Good Time

If you’re a Robert Pattinson die-hard fan, you would’ve seen this coming. Good Time, is not only the actors best performance but it was also, in our very humble opinion one of the best performances in 2017. Good Time revolves around Connie Nikas (Pattinson), a small-time criminal who attempts to rob a prominent bank with his developmentally disabled brother. The actor’s commitment to his character is evident from the opening scene. Connie Nikas was sort of a scumbag. He’s selfish, lazy, and emotionally manipulative. Despite of all this, Pattinson makes you like him. He portrays him as a flawed criminal, but he also made us feel for the character. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t the movie, but the actor who had the most effect on the audience after they were done watching Good Time.

It was inevitable that people would object to Robert Pattinson playing the new Batman. Many don’t know the range he possesses as an actor. Doubt is a given factor and we ourselves are not certain that he’d do justice to Bruce Wayne’s character. But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because obviously, he knows how to act.

After Twilight, he has certainly proved that. And if you’re still not convinced yet, Heath Ledger was criticized too when he got casted for the Joker. Look where that went.

He also did a splendid job in the recent movie ‘The Lighthouse’.

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