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Spanish Shows You Need to Watch Out For On Netflix

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The reason why we love Netflix is because it has content from all over the world. The Spanish shows on Netflix are perhaps the most riveting ones on the platform. So we’re here to help you know which ones are worth watching.

Gran Hotel

We’re starting off the list with a love story. The show centers around Julio, who comes to Gran Hotel to meet his sister only to find out she has disappeared. He then sets out on his mission to find her while infiltrating the hotel as an undercover footman! Julio also happens to fall in love with the heiress of the Hotel.

The show is already streaming. It’s a perfect Telenova with intrigue and mystery. It’s quite slow in the beginning but it picks up its pace after a few episodes. To be very honest, it’s similar to Downtown Abbey. So, if you are wondering what Downtown Abbey would be like if it was set in Spain, this one is for you.

Cable Girls

Next up on our list is the show revolving around four empowering women. Cable Girls is set in 1920’s Spain and centers around lives of four women who get jobs at the telephone company. However, it is much more than just a job for them. The unique storyline is loaded with twists and thrills. It’s a bit soapy but it still possesses good production value and soundtrack.

You can catch up on the three seasons already streaming on Netflix.


The next Spanish show on our list is perhaps the most well known show and is a fan favorite. Elite centers around a bunch of high school kids caught up in a murder mystery. When the trailer for the series came out, many said that the show is a wannabee combination of Gossip Girl and Riverdale. But after watching the first season, it’s safe to say, Elite is everything Riverdale wishes it could be.

The first season of the show is already streaming and we’re on the lookout for the second season to drop.

High Seas

This show is not out yet but it has us hyped like no other show. The trailer for the show looked magnificent and promises an intriguing story line, which right now seems like a cross over between Murder on the Orient Express and Titanic. 

Money Heist

Yes, we saved the best for the last. No list on Spanish shows would be complete if we didn’t include Money Heist. The show is not only the best Spanish show but it’s also one of the best on Netflix. It has drama, mystery, good characters, gripping storyline, phenomenal acting and even the best soundtrack. It is like the ultimate heist show. The show follows the life of “El Professor” who scouts some of the most wanted people in all of Spain to help him commit one of the biggest heists in history.

Two seasons of the show are already out and we’re patiently waiting for the third to drop.

Hopefully, you’ll love these shows as much as we did. Happy binge-watching!

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