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Even Priyanka Chopra was Bullied in America

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High school has been tough for a lot of us, but looks like Priyanka Chopra is in on the ride with us. The Bollywood-Hollywood actress who married Nick Jonas last year might have a glamorous life on the outside for the world to see. But she is finally revealing the truth about the hard teenage years she faced in a high school in America. Similar to many Indians, Priyanka too suffered through intense bullying because she was labelled as ‘brown’. But instead of letting it bring her down, the Isn’t It Romantic actress is using her experience to make the world more inclusive.

Priyanka Chopra Opens up About Being Bullied in High School

In a recent interview, Priyanka Chopra opened up about the difficult times she had to endure as a high school child. While studying in Massachusetts, Iowa, and NYC, she realized that she never got similar treatment as native Americans did. But this treatment in difference was merely based on her skin color. While she was just in grade 10 back then, the bullying got intense as racial slurs and titles followed. Priyanka narrates that,

I had, you know, really racist behavior when I was in high school in 10th grade. I was called ‘Brownie,’ ‘Curry,’ [told to] ‘go back on the elephant you came on,’ and that really affected me when I was a kid and affected my self-esteem.

However, this does not remain the only time that Priyanka has opened up about the racism she faced in America. In 2012, she gave an interview and spoke up about the time she was studying in Boston. Her fellow classmates ridiculed her for being a ‘gawky kid’ who had ‘white marks’ on her legs.

How Priyanka Chopra Overcome it

But the former Miss World winner claims that she embraced her imperfections to achieve the celebrity status that she now enjoys. Bullying in high school lowered her self-esteem significantly but she continued to work hard. In fact, she even pointed out that the legs people once laughed at now sell 12 brands.

While narrating her experiences of bullying, Priyanka aimed at making the world more inclusive. She believes that talking about it might give people more examples of how society needs to change. For her future generations, Priyanka Chopra desires to have a world where the diversity becomes normal.

Priyanka is set to star in upcoming film The Sky Is Pink coming out this October.

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