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Miranda Sings Has a Meltdown over Drama in YouTube

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It has been almost a week since Tati Westbrook exposed her former friend James Charles in a 43-minute long video. Although Charles issued an apology video, the drama in YouTube was already initiated, and some of the platforms biggest influencers including Jeffree Star and PewDiePie are already involved. But looks like Miranda Sings- a satirical character from Colleen Ballinger actually wants to get in the drama. Suspecting from the timing, we were hoping to hear what Miranda has to offer about the Tati and James feud. But instead, she called out the entire YouTube community throwing major yet subtle shade at everyone involved in exposing others.

Miranda Sings Calls Out YouTube Community by Exposing Herself

While some of us were disappointed that Colleen Ballinger did not directly voice her views on the drama in YouTube community right now, she did do something more meaningful. Miranda started her video by claiming that she will be exposing Miranda Sings because exposing people brought YouTubers a lot of money and subscribers. Was she hinting why Tati Westbrook made the video in the first place?

After continuing her mildly toned exposure of herself, Sings used hilarious examples including receipts, Instagram pictures and YouTube videos for fun. While she blamed some things on Photoshop, she called herself ‘fake’ because she published Coachella look book guide when she didn’t even attend the event in the first place. Towards the end of the video, Miranda got more serious discussing the change in YouTube. Initially, the platform was about people getting together to showcase talents and do challenges. In fact, the whole point of it was to have fun. But now 2019 is all about exposing and cancelling people. For that, Colleen Ballinger sarcastically claimed that,

Basically, all of 2019 is about exposing and canceling people. It just makes you more famous, richer and I’m just really grateful for that. It makes it a lot easier for me, cause then I don’t have to do a lot of work, I can just talk bad [about people].

Tearfully, she concluded her video claiming it was good to be a part of this YouTube family. But well, is it? Especially, with every YouTuber going after the other in an attempt to bring them down?

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