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Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland Would Like Daniel Radcliffe On Rick And Morty Season 4

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The recent Warner Media Upfront Stumper about  Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland casting Daniel Radcliffe on Rick And Morty Season 4 teases some possibility. It was none other than TCM fame Alicia Malone, who proposed this idea at the upfront event. Malone might be joking while interviewing the popular Harry Potter, yet it is pretty possible that the Rick and Morty creators approach Radcliffe for a role in Rick and Morty season 4 episodes.

Alicia Malone Campy Talk With Daniel Radcliffe

The video clip showcased some witty moments that Alicia and Radcliffe shared together. During the interview session, Alicia jovially told Radcliffe that she has persuaded the season 4 creators to offer him a role in any of the show’s episode. In reply, Radcliffe thanked her sarcastically for this incredible favor.

Will Daniel Radcliffe Join Rick And Morty Season 4?

The conversation apparently showcased a simple yet funny bit. However, another tweet from Warner Media Upfront pitches some feasibility as both Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland are big fans of Hollywood celebrities including Kanye West and Daniel Radcliffe. Tangibly, the creators seem ready to cast the former Harry Potter in the season 4 episodes of their Sci-Fi comedy. However,  both of them seemed excited about this proposal.

‘Rick And Morty’ Heading To Season 4

Rick and Morty is a popular adult Sci-Fi sitcom. This Adult Swim series has successfully completed three hilarious seasons in October 2017. The show, in fact, is set to return for its fourth season in November 2019. The WarnerMedia presentation has announced the release of season 4 on Wednesday at its upfront event held in Newyork. The Season 4 will be aired after two years of Season 3 telecast, thus, creating the longest gap between seasons of this cartoon network show. The show, significantly, demonstrates the misadventures of idiosyncratic scientist Rick Sanchez and his cranky grandson Morty Smith. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have devised all the three seasons of the show.

According to the last year’s announcement, Adult Swim has ordered 70 new episodes of the series that would generate seven upcoming seasons of the show. Moreover, the Warner Media Upfront aired a video where the leading characters are describing their season 4  episodes.

Daniel Radcliffe, The Popular Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter is currently playing Craig Bog on TBS anthology comedy Miracle Workers based on the book by Simon Rich. According to a recent update, TBS  has ordered a second season of the series. The leading stars including Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi perhaps land in the medieval era in season two. So, what if Daniel Radcliffe joined the Ricky Martin show? Would he be playing his iconic Harry Potter role? Chances are he will be a crazy novel figure introduced in the season 4 episodes of Rick and Morty.

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