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Reese Witherspoon Announces Second Edition Of Hello Sunshine Filmmaker Lab

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Glaring, audacious, and extremely talented, the women of Hollywood are leaving no stone unturned to increase female representation in the industry. The previous Golden Globes, for instance, nominated not a single female director; thus giving a clear idea that far more efforts are required to allow adequate opportunities and appreciation for skilful women. Last Summer, Reese Witherspoon partnered her media brand, Hello Sunshine with AT&T to organize a learning opportunity for young, aspiring, female filmmakers. In what Witherspoon fondly calls, The AT&T Hello Sunshine Filmmaker Lab, several teenage girls from across the country came together to film a documentary, and to learn from the very best in the industry. This Summer again, the  Filmmaker Lab will bring together 20 women to L.A. There, they will learn from inspiring women in the entertainment industry while creating professional content.

Reese Witherspoon Launches Second Edition OF The AT&T Hello Sunshine Filmmaker Lab

The AT&T Hello Sunshine Filmmaker Lab will fly 20 girls between the ages 16-19 to Los Angeles. There, professionals including Reese Witherspoon will train them in the art of documentary-filmmaking. And while they are at it, the dexterous creators will brief the participants on all features of the art including, lights, camera and audio, directing, producing and even editing. The applicants do not require any prior knowledge of the professional protocols of filmmaking for the lab. In fact, the program will mentor the most ambitious interns from the ground up.

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime For Ambitious, Young Filmmakers

The AT&T Hello Sunshine Filmmaker Lab is completely free for all its selected applications. The project will also sponsor lodge and travel for its applicants coming from outside L.A. The mission is to use the art of filmmaking to connect teenagers irrespective of race, colour or creed. Subsequently, the program opens the passage for youngsters to learn new skills and hone their existing finesse. Reese Witherspoon has also anchored her media brand, Hello Sunshine for creating and communicating fun stories. And by partnering with Fresh Films, the campaign has embarked on a noble, fruit-bearing journey.

How & When To Apply

Keen applicants can register themselves for the program through the Fresh Films website by June 02, 2019. Before they submit their applications, The Filmmaker Lab requires candidates to submit a 90-second video along with a small 500-word essay. The topic and rules for the submissions are also available on the Fresh Films website. Selected applicants will be notified between 13th and 16 July, while on set production will also commence in the same week.

Reese Witherspoon Stars In HBO’s Big Little Lies Season 2

Before the Lab commences, fans can catch Witherspoon in the season 2 of HBO’s Big Little Lies. Premiering June 09, 2019 the twisty, thrilling, addictive, feminist ride will foray into some murder-related drama. The first part of the mini-series was subject to a positively overwhelming critical response. And HBO rides its viewership hopes with the project as it will air soon after The Game Of Throne exits for good.


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