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Cancelled TV Shows 2019: Mass Massacre Of Comedies Occurs At Big TV Networks

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In a well-anticipated bloodbath, several comedies faced the axe at major TV networks last Friday. The mass massacre will continue throughout this week, as a few bland sitcoms are still on the bubble. Unlike last May; however, none of these cancellations created the ‘Brooklyn 99’ impact. Precisely because none of these shows were allowed enough time to pick up a sizeable audience – the kind which allows rigorous fan campaigns and organize protests to have an impact. ABC  cancelled For the People, The Fix, The Kids Are Alright, and Splitting Up Together; Fox cancelled The Passage and The Cool Kids; NBC cancelled I Feel Bad; and CBS did not order additional seasons for Fam, Murphy Brown, and Life In Pieces. 

ABC Finishes Off Sitcoms With Sound Conclusions

Although predicted, one cannot help but feel heartbroken at all the recent knock-backs. The final episodes were largely resolution driven without any cliffhangers. Apparently, they were anticipating the slaughter for sitcoms which concluded their original season orders prior to their cancellations. ABC’s heartfelt sitcom Speechlesswhich followed the comic struggles of a teenage boy with cerebral palsy and his family- for instance, finished its third season on a determining, conclusive note. Hence, the show’s exit feels wary and warm, and not devastatingly heartbreaking. Same was the case with ABC’s family comedy Splitting Up TogetherThe show would have needlessly become a drag had it been allowed to continue.

CBS Comedies Suffer The CBS Syndrome

A few shows; however, deserved another chance to prove what they were truly capable of. CBS’ Murphy Brown Reboot, Fam, and Life In Pieces were all humbly watchable, despite the offbeat jerks and jitters that frequently tagged along. Scrapping underperforming comedies immediately after their freshman run has been a CBS tradition. And the network ruthlessly observes the rules in its book.

Perhaps the greatest disappointment comes off with CBS dismissing the magnum Murphy Brown reboot – a newsroom comedy that had returned to screen space after nearly three decades of dormancy.  Candice Bergen’s Murphy Brown befittingly ventilated America’s Republican blues out. And no matter how much we accuse the show of discrimination, we can’t deny the harsh realities it weekly dished out last fall. Showrunner Diane English had insisted on exploring bipartisan pastures for her show’s sophomore season. And given the political climate of the forthcoming year, a hardly fictional diplomatic newsroom comedy is both, prosperous and necessary for TV.  Mrphy Brown Cancelled, Cancelled TV shows 2019, Fam CBS cancelled, Speehless Cancelled, Renewed TV shows 2019

Cancelled TV Shows 2019: Decoding The Bloodbath

In light of recent TV cancellations, it is hard to pick-up a certain formula. CBS renewed The Neighborhood and Man With A Plan although they lacked the charm and popularity of its cancelled sitcoms, Fam and Murphy Brown. Similarly, ABC axed the fairly popular Whiskey Cavalier, while The Goldbergs’ spin-off, Schooled was awarded another chance at life. All networks possess independent sets of protocols which are effectively brought to use when deciding what to keep and what to dump. Unfortunately, it is the audience which misses the experience when their favourite show is gone.  Murphy Brown Cancelled, Cancelled TV shows 2019, Fam CBS cancelled, Speechless Cancelled, Renewed TV shows 2019

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