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Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen Arc Makes Sense Even If It Was Rushed

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Game of Thrones aired its latest episode “The Bells” and has received a lot of mixed reviews. But many can agree on one fact: the show delivered when it came to cinematography and acting. However, writing is where all the problems lie. Game of Thrones season 8 endeavored to provide a fitting end to the hundreds of character arcs in the Westeros universe. Yet, it was a task so difficult that the showrunners kind of failed. Let’s take a look at the Season 8’s fifth episode, where the confrontation between Daenerys’ army and Cersei’s finally occurs.

Daenerys Targaryen Becoming the ‘Mad Queen’ Suddenly

Yes, a lot of theories out there were coming to this conclusion. But, everyone watching at home didn’t feel satisfied with the character development that was given to Daenerys Targaryen or Khaleesi. She was supposed to be the one true savior of the world; however, she chose to be the opposite. Rather, she chose to be a version of a savior that she deemed fit.

Though, we have seen time and time again that the concept of justice in Game of Thrones is a subjective one. And that’s what makes each villain in Game of Thrones all the more dangerous and exciting.

In a way, Daenerys Targaryen being ruthless was something anyone could have predicted. She is slowly descending into cruel ways in order to find her way on the Iron Throne; something that she’s been told is her life destiny. From a determined leader who wants to make lives better, she becomes a bit more ambitious and arrogant. Plus, after losing the two people who could have tamed her impulses, there is really nothing stopping her.

Daenerys Targaryen Isn’t Mad, She’s Just Doing What She Has To

If the showrunners hadn’t failed to tell us the exact thought processes of Dany, no one would be complaining about it. The only evidence we see is in a wary and tired Emilia Clarke who is confronting Peter Dinklage’s character Tyrion. But, we all have to remember everything she has been through.

After being stripped away of her own childhood and being sold off as property for a political purpose, she slowly finds love with her husband – who initially raped her by the way.

But, after finally finding love and acceptance from her Khal Drogo, she loses him and her own child. Then she marches onward to fulfill her destiny of reclaiming the Iron Throne. She finds acceptance from Jon Snow but skepticism and doubt from everyone else especially Sansa Stark. Even after she helps them in the Battle of Winterfell with her strong armies and the dragons, the sentiment of the North remains the same. (Kind of bitchy, even for Sansa Stark standards. At least thank the woman, she lost Jorah and her Dragon!) Meanwhile, things aren’t so clear in King’s Landing. The people seem to be siding with Cersei but they might just be doing that out of fear. After Varys has probably sent word to the people at King’s Landing regarding Jon Snow’s true identity, Khaleesi knows she cannot take the risk.

It Was Always About the Iron Throne for Khaleesi

Yet, Daenerys Targaryen had substantial reasons to choose the path she does. She knows that all of King’s Landing will soon know of Jon Snow’s true identity and claim to the throne, and they would rather choose someone that has stayed in Westeros all their life than a foreigner who happens to be the daughter of the notorious Mad King.

Her claim to the throne is hence threatened. And this is all she has left at this point. From her point of view, she simply cannot give up. She needed to make a move that would intimidate the Westerosi into accepting her reign. Of course, the death of Missandei and her dragons fueled her anger. But in no way was it the only reason.

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